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Friday, March 30, 2007

Rumor Has It...

...that "Even Stevens" star, Shia LaBeouf, has signed on to be [DRUM ROLL] Indy's son in Indiana Jones 4. This news comes from our pal and 80's Preservation Society co-founder, Catherine. She's in on the ground floor of LaLa Land gossip, and we thank her heartily for this one.

I have been VERY skeptical about a fourth Indy, and this news has sent Martin through the roof. I will still study the previews and any new info about the developing project before deciding to see it. (Too bad I can't study the script drafts or eventual dailies.) I still just don't understand why you would want to resurrect one of the greatest film trilogies of all time after 18 years when the characters ended by riding into the sunset. What could be a more classic ending than that!?!

Are You in Line Yet?

Actually, we all should've been in line at midnight last night. Oh, well. Hope you got your tickets! I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Holy Jeez, What a News Day!

  1. Harry Potter cover...actually a bit disappointing. I wanted more grandeur I think.
  2. LOST kicked major A! Now I know why Hurley was laughing at me a couple of weeks ago: I had lost faith, and he knew how great it was going to be. I can't give anything away right now, because some people might still need to watch it. I will say, however, that it was more like season 1. And, Billy Dee Williams was in it. (That doesn't give anything away.)
  3. Um...hope you're sitting down for this. (go to bottom of page for snippet) reports that for some reason, "Teen Wolf" is being resurrected. What? Why? How? Who? Seriously, how did this happen??? (That's what MJF is thinking below.)I almost didn't finish my dinner after Martin told me. Oh, but it gets so much better (in the bad sense). Our "Smallville" hero, Tom Welling, has signed on as the love interest, because (and here is when it gets the best) the wolf is a chick this time. Ho-ly Cow. Welling, my boy, you need to fire your agent.

Indulge me if you will, but here's the conversation at the studio as I imagine it--

Studio Exec 1: Hey, why don't we have any horror films in the can?
Studio Exec 2: Well, we're not Lionsgate. They got the market on cheap, skeezy horror films.
SE 1: Yeah, you're right. But what if we did a funny horror film? You know, something lighthearted?
SE 2: Hey, that's an idea! What about a kind of American Werewolf in London deal, but funny?
SE 1: Already been done, my friend. It had Tom Everett Scott in it, hot off the tails of Dead Man on Campus.
SE 2: Oh, right. Shucks. WAIT! I got it!
SE 1: What? WHAT? I can't wait to hear this idea!
SE 2: Lets stick with the werewolves, cause between Buffy, Angel, and Blade, vampires are just passe.
SE 1: Keep going; I'm liking this.
SE 2: We want it funny, we want it hip, we want it fresh. What could perfectly fit all three except TEEN WOLF!?!
SE 1: Oh, Tom, that's brilliant! The first one, with Michael J. Fox, was number 1 at the box office for at least two weeks. The second one, with Jason Bateman, wasn't even mildly successful 20 years ago, but I think we can definitely make something out of this!
SE 2: It gets better, Barney. The Teen Wolf, is going to be a Teen WolfGIRL.
SE 1: I'm having heart palpitations right now. Why hasn't anyone thought of this?
SE 2: I don't know, but I'm so glad I did. The dollar signs are floating in front of my eyes.
SE 1: And, hey, why don't we get that Superman kid from that TV show in it? He wasn't in the Superman Returns, so he must be aching for some film work.
SE 2: Barns, you read my mind.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Rough day at the ole middle school, faithful readers. Egad, why don't they teach how to communicate with ticked off, attitudanal, divas when you're getting your education degree? I also want to know how to better inspire my young ladies to talk to me like I'm, well, like I'm an adult (even though I try to deny this fact at every other waking moment). Oh, well. It's just a bit unfortunate when those few baddies are at the center of my mind, instead of the once reluctant reader who came to me glowing yesterday that he had finished his next two book projects and read a book "just for fun" over spring break.

The good news is this: I'm thinking about being sick on Friday, so I can finish my final paper. This would be an imperative step to going to hang with my cousins and have an old fashioned Eads Family Bash over the weekend (with no thoughts of school work). I need someone to talk me into it, so I don't feel guilty.

I just attached this photo, because it makes me laugh...and I need that today. It's French & Saunders posing as BritBrit and Madonner. Deliciously priceless.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back to School to Prove to Dad I'm Not a Fool

It may be time to go back to school, but that doesn't stop me from starting a brand new season of "Smallville." That's right folks: I finished the entire of season 3 over break. Oh, it's been a fine week!

To use the words of my good friend, Clark Kent, the last episode of season 3 was swell. It contained one of THE best musical montages EVER, big screen or little screen. (I watched it twice!) Season 4 opener had our hero naked in a field and flying (!), Lois Lane, and Margot Kidder and Annette O'Toole reunited in a scene. Have I told you how much I enjoy Annette O'Toole? She makes me feel almost as comfortable and at home as Sissy Spacek.

Anyway...back to school tomorrow. Not that anyone's counting, but only 10 weeks of school left (73 days). I truly do believe that teachers enjoy summer break more than students. I wish I could say I did more on my break, but sleeping in until 11:30 everyday, reading, and lounging around the house was the best medicine for me to prepare for the last 10 weeks of the '06-'07 school year.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Break, Day 5: or the Day I Went Bona Fide NERD

Something had to crack this last day of Spring Break, and it happened to be the coolness inside of me...or at least the last thin shard I had inside of me.

Glimpses of nerd here and there. Talking about Jem. Counting down to the release of Twin Peaks, Season 2, on DVD. Superman posts becoming more frequent. Watching Bond movies weekly with my husband...not to mention episodes of X-Files and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Adding [new] Dr. Who to my list of favorite shows ever. I couldn't run from it. I mean, hey, my brother played D&D throughout middle school and college. He even got me a Buffy role playing game. How could I hide from the Nerd Wizard that constantly stalked me?

Today I went into G-Mart, the local comic book store downtown. I went up to the friendly clerk behind the counter, who might not have seen a female in days, maybe weeks, and calmly and politely asked if he had the comic book adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower available (left). He said he was sold out of the first issue, but issue two was in. I said I'd take it...along with a subscription for the entire series. I laid down my money for the first four issues, with the next three to be held under my name.

It's official: I'm a nerd. I tried to convince myself that I was just buying a nice present for Martin, but that was a cheap guise. I can't continue to hide behind him, because these comics are as much for me as for him. In fact, when I showed him the comic I had just purchased, I asked him if his hands were clean.

I now know that many of you may turn away from this humble blog. And, Daddy Todd probably won't ever talk to me again, especially after wondering about my state of nerdness after my in-depth Superman post of 3-3-07. I knew I had to be honest with you, faithful readers, and even if you turn away from my musings forever more, at least I've been truthful with you. Fare thee well...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break, Day 4

Happy Birthday, Shat!

That's right, it's the Shat's birthday--#76. We here at BingBongBoom wish him a very happy day. I think he'd be really happy if the Salukis beat the Jayhawks in their Sweet 16 match-up. (Well, that would make me happy anyway.) Thanks to Martin, whose Star Trek calendar informed us of this auspicious day.

The rains they are a-comin' here in the Paign. That's okay, though, cause there's always things to do inside to keep us busy. Sweet 16 action is going on, there are new recipes to be made (another done tonight--lamb meatballs over couscous [frickin' delicious]), and there's always the ole standby's (should I 's that?) of "Smallville" and The Dark Tower.

Had an eventful day at the library. Imagine my surprise when I went to browse through some Harlem Renaissance material, and I saw 6 students! I couldn't believe it. You're supposed to be attacked in the mall, NOT the library. I guess I should be grateful that they were at the library instead of the mall. And, I am glad, but it was still jarring to see so many at the library in such a small amount of time. Also got some kick A. Richard Marx CD's to put onto iTunes. Sweet.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break, Day 3

Well, with the help of the best dad ever, we now have many pictures hanging in our domicile. It's like we're actually moved in now...13 months later. The walls look very nice, and it's all thanks to me Da. All I did was hand him the tape measure, pencil, drill, nail, and hammer in that order for each picture. Also got to make a lovely new Rachael Ray meal from her latest magazine (chicken stir fry with cabbage, shitaake mushrooms, and scallions), and watched a couple of classic episodes of "Full House" (yeah, I totally just admitted that).

I've also spent time nerdin' it up with my hubby today: "Deep Space Nine" during dinner and "Dr. Who" circa 1985 now before LOST. I'll get in at least one more episode of "Smallville" after LOST, so don't you worry about my daily Spring Break quota being fulfilled.

Speaking of LOST...we get to find out how Locke got paralyzed tonight!!! Oh, baby! I'm psyched! I'm sure I'll have to post something about it when it's over. I also need to give more info on Ant and Dec; I know most of you have been eagerly anticipating more on those two all day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break, Day 2

Well, not as fun as yesterday (i.e., not as much "Smallville"), but it was still a day off. I spent a leisurely trip in Meijer, stocking up on goods to make new, fun recipes from Ray Ray and Pauler. (I didn't get to see Aunt Sandy's Chefography tonight, though.) And, yeah, this was the highlight of my day.

The day was greatly marred by attending class, which was, as predicted, a rerun of two weeks ago. (We keep going over qualitative vs. quantitative research.) I did, however, keep busy during class by composing a stream of consciousness essay and making Dave a Top 10 List of Things to do in Las Vegas. Most of them were free and none included gambling. He better use that list, or he'll never get any free Chex Mix again.

And, my drifting off to sleep husband wants you all to know he loves me very much...even though I get to sleep in everyday this week, and he has to trudge himself off to work. He also just told me some great news about Ant and Dec. They're filming a game show pilot for ABC. WHAT!?! You don't know Ant and Dec??? Well, they're the best British TV duo EVER, and if we ever have a kid I want to name him Declan after half of the famous twosome. I'll have to talk about them more tomorrow. As for now:

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break, Day 1

And what a monumental first day it was, too! Here's a quick rundown:

  • Woke up just after 11:00--delicious.
  • Proceeded to watch three, yes THREE, episodes of "Smallville"--also delicious.
  • Decided I should do some work, so I went into school, got my grading out of the way, and printed off quantitative and qualitative articles to read for my EIU class. Since I want to pace myself, I saved the articles for tomorrow. (EIU can't get in synch with UI for the same spring break. I so don't want to go tomorrow.)
  • Picked up Martin at 5 and took a leisurely 45 minute walk when I got home. Love to get that blood pumping in my legs again after the long winter.
  • Cooked dinner, watched Jack Bauer and Ricky Schroder kick some and tuned into Eddie Izzard's "The Riches."
  • Before turning in watched an old episode of "X-Files" with little, bitty, pre-buffery Ryan Reynolds (he was dead within the first four minutes). Hey, the show was shot in Canada, so it makes since they needed local help.

All in all a great first day. Tons o' TV=good day off. Tomorrow will be a bummer with class on the horizon, but I'll rebound on Wednesday when me Da helps me hang some pics.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Late Breaking Literary News (must be a slow news day)

Can you figure out who this author's father is? He "revealed" his father to the press yesterday, and this on the heels of his first novel being released on Tuesday. (Coincedence?) His pen name is Joe Hill, but perhaps by gazing upon his visage you can quickly figure out who his horrific daddy is.

I find it absurd that this story made front page Yahoo news. And I find it absurd that he's using such cheap tactics to sell his first book (sorry to be so cynical). If you still haven't figured out who papa is, click here to read the Yahoo story.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tne [2nd] Most Wonderful Time of the Year

How's your bracket doing? I ask cause the Dukkies are already on their way home. (It just hasn't been the same since Laettner graduated.) Now we just gotta get Kansas outta there. Oh, please, let the best choke team of the tourney choke early!!! I don't want to see the Selfish face anymore than I have to.

There's something so comforting about drifting off to sleep with the sounds of the whistles, screeching shoe leather, and dulcet tones of color announcers droning in your ears. It really is the second best time of year. I love March.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Makin' Me a Mix CD

No, it's not as good as a mix TAPE, but still fun to do. I have no grading today, have been playing nice with our most difficult girls at school and getting them to work, and have nothing to do until LOST comes on. Sooooooooo I'm makin' a mix CD.

I love mixes. They're the best. Unfortunately my short attention span that lingers in my increasingly ADD mind can rarely listen to an entire CD from opening track to closing. The variety my iPod shuffle lends me has been invaluable. In this age of iPod mania, it's still nice to make an old fashioned mix and not rely on the shuffle.

It truly is an art to make an awe inspiring mix. You must have the proper balance of love-anger-hope-loathing- empathy-etc. If you love the art of mixing as much as I do, check out this book MIX TAPE:the art of cassette culture (above right). The book looks at and revels in the history of the mix TAPE. It's true that the mix CD just isn't as good: it doesn't make noise when you jiggle it, you can't get frustrated trying to rewind to repeat the song, and you definitely can't get the DJ cutting off the end of the song when you record it off the radio. Seriously, check out the book. It's a great gift for anyone who's ever made a mix tape.

Monday, March 12, 2007

An 80's Favorite is Back

The Ricker is back! And he's going by Ricky again (unlike his two season stint on NYPD Blue when he was "Rick"). Ricky Schroder appeared in tonight's episode of 24 as new field ops unit leader, Mike Doyle. Let's hope he'll make it through the season. Another 80's favorite, Sean Astin, can't say the same for his role last season. But he did give some of THE best temper-tantrums ever caught on film!

So here's to BingBongBoom's favorite Silver Spooner, Ricker. May he live long and prosper in Los Angeles under Jack Bauer's watchful eye. Oh, and holy jeez, was tonight's episode ACES or what!?!

Donnie D!

Everyone's favorite bad boy New Kid, Donnie Wahlberg, is makin' the film rounds again. After a stellar performance in Saw III, which I missed (aw, shucks), he's returning to the big screen in what will be another horror classic, Dead Silence (out on March 16). It gets even better, too. He'll also be returning the small screen TONIGHT in A&E's original film, Kings of South Beach (airing at 9:00/8:00 p.m.). He'll be starring alongside his Boomtown co-star, Jason Gedrick. All I ask is this: When will Donnie D. get his Oscar nomination???

And, once again, I've proven why I have no space in my brain for real information: I memorize Donnie Wahlberg's screen performances even if I haven't seen these films.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our Two Favorites

The Ten Club, the official Pearl Jam fan club, announced on March 9 that Ed Ved will induct R.E.M. into the rock and roll hall of fame on March 12. The live show will be aired on VH1 Classic and streamed live on AOL. The edited show will start in VH1 rotation on March 16. Click here for more info from

This makes perfect sense. Both Pearl Jam and R.E.M. toured to drum up votes against Bush in 2004's Vote for Change tour. Both bands also have more staying power and originality than other quickly put together bands that all sound alike (Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, all these other weirdos running around--do I sound old yet?). R.E.M. and Pearl Jam also always have something to stand for and something important to say, so it just makes sense that Eddie Vedder would speak out to induct them to the R&R Hall of Fame. I can see Eddie and Michael Stipe on a big, comfy couch with mugs of herbal tea discussing their latest albums, messages, and favorite books. Martin and I always ruminate on the fact that we have very different musical tastes, yet our favorite bands are two of the most respected of the last 25 years.

Van Halen, the Ronettes, Patti Smith, and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five will also be inducted this year. That means that not only will Kendra get enjoyment out of the induction ceremony, but so will her awesomely cool brothers, Jason and Matt.

Victory or Death!

That's the old battle cry from the 1986 classic The Last Starfighter which would have sounded absolutely marvelous in the big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's 300. I got out of the cinema about an hour ago, and I can't believe it took me this long to log on and tell you to go see it. (Had to watch the Illini lose first. Awesome.)

Is it bloody? Yes. Is it great Spartan war time story telling? Yes. Is it worth your $8-10? Absolutely! There's a fine crop of actors in this one, too...even if they don't have a lot of lines. (I mean, c'mon, there was a lot of killin' to do, so you can't blame them for the lack o' lines.) The whole time I felt guilty for enjoying the movie so much, because it really is just a war-and-glory-kill-'em-up-epic, but it was somehow more than that. The direction was superb, and this was a true underdog story. 300 vs. 1,000,000? How can the numbers be more at odds than that? And, since I've never taken Greek history courses, I was enthralled by this well known tale that I had no idea about. Joseph, the history expert, said it was historically accurate, so that's good enough for me.

I'm lovin' the recent spawn of "comic book movies," and I'm glad when they are done so well. If you still haven't seen V for Vendetta or Sin City, you owe it to yourself to do so. These movies are more often than not splendidly directed and brought to life with love, care, and respect of the material from the directors.

However, if you want to experience a comic book movie and are thinking about catching Ghost Rider, wait for the rental. Admittedly, it is fun to watch Nicolas Cage with a southern accent riding around on a fiery motorcycle, but it's not $8-10 fun. Yeah, you read me right: I saw Ghost Rider in the theater, but I got the cheap ticket day fare, so I don't feel as bad. Plus, I had even more fun makin' fun when Sam Elliott and Wes Bentley hit the screen. Oh, baby!

Where did I start? Oh, yeah: GO SEE 300!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wow, Brother

My brother had some interesting news today:

LOST creator J.J. Abrams may be teaming up with Stephen King to bring his beloved Dark Tower series to life. The two admired each other's work very much, and they've already had meetings about the possibility of a screen adaptation.

After searching the internets, I found several articles on the topic, the scoop coming from and the official story being found on the Hollywood Reporter website. I gotta nerd out for a second, folks (cause when do I not?), but I pretty excited. I'm only on the third book of the Dark Tower, but King's writing is absolutely impeccable in this series. I sincerely believe that it is a series that could be considered a contemporary match for Lord of the Rings. HEY! Don't yell at me like that! Have I read LOTR? No, but I do know that the scope, breadth, and sheer adoration for the Dark Tower rivals LOTR. King loves Tolkien's work, so it's not too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that this is his homage to LOTR. It's yet to be decided if the six book epic will be put onto the big screen or the small screen. I have to admit, though, the TV adaptations of King's masterpieces tend to go a lot smoother than the big screen ones. My vote has to be for another grandiose ABC mini-series, much in the vein of "The Stand," "Storm of the Century," "It," and "The Shining."

Wow. I totally did just nerd out there. Hold on. Let me shake the nerd off me. I'm just a little bit excitable, and it gets hard to hide my nerdiness when I'm like that. Say "nerd" again. Done.

80's Preservation Society

The Champaign chapter of the 80's Preservation Society is alive, well, and working hard with local youth to keep the 80's spirit going. Today, one day before Illinois State Achievement Tests were to begin, I showed an episode of "Growing Pains" in my class. The episode is called Standardized Test, is from season 1, and deals with the fact that Mike is afraid to try on the Idaho State Achievement Test. (Both ISAT. Coincedence? I think not!) Students in every class laughed at the Seavers' antics. But the best part is this: in my two afternoon classes, where thug wannabes reign supreme, I heard several kids yell out: " 'Growing Pains!?' Oh, that's my show!" I could not believe it! It was positively aresome! Yes, you read it correctly: ARESOME! We even managed to have some quality discussion on how important it is to be proud of how we are all smart in our own, unique ways, and that the most important part of the ISAT is trying. (Aren't I great?)

The 80's Preservation Society, which was founded in 1998 by Catherine and myself, was very proud of the amazing strides taken today to bridge the 80's with today's youth. We really want to thank Nick @ Nite for airing "Growing Pains" nightly at 9:30/8:30. The kids knew the show from Nick, and we sincerely hope that they continue showing high quality programming like "GP." However, we want to put in a personal suggestion that they start showing a wider variety of old classics and newer favorites. How bout some Donna Reed, Patty Duke, and Ozzie & Harriet? If these shows could be shown chronologically each night, along with more recent hits, such as "GP," "Rosanne," and "Full House," I think we could all be in for some dynamic family programming. Now remind me again why I'm not in charge?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 30, 2007

The powers that be have once again tapped into my inner most subconscious and have figured out exactly how to get the money out of my pocket.

Oh, "Blades of Glory," I can't wait to revel in your glowing comedy--mostly derived from two dudes ice skating together in shimmering costumes. Make these two guys put on feathered wigs and have Craig T. Nelson as a coach, and I would definitely think about going. Cast Jon Heder and WILL FERRELL as these two men, and it becomes a moral imperative that I go. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Will "GOB" Arnett is in it, too?!? Yup! Plus two of my favorite ladies make the roster, Jenna Fischer ("The Office") and Amy Poehler ("SNL" and "Mean Girls"). Rounding out the cast are Nick Swardson ("Reno 911" and "Benchwarmers"--the best part) and Romany Malco ("40 Year Old Virgin") have made the list for this sure to be epic picture.

26 days until "Blades of Glory," the most glorious film of the pre-spring season, premieres at your local theatre. I won't let anymore mediocre words describe this gem of a film. Instead click here to see the preview.

Let the countdown begin!


The episode is called "Rosetta," and it is 42 of the best minutes of television you will ever watch. I shall rate it up there with "Hush" in season 4 of Buffy, "Smiley Time" in season 5 of Angel, and the "Pilot" of Twin Peaks.

The Smallville crew pulled out all the stops with this one. My heart is pounding; I've got goosebumps; I've really got to go the bathroom I'm so excited. I'm even a little misty eyed. I dare you, if you're a true Superman fan, to watch this episode and not get misty eyed. And here is why...

When Clark Kent (Tom Welling) meets Dr. Swann (Christopher Reeve) and they start to discuss the Kryptonian language Clark has learned to read, the Superman music starts to play softly in the background, it swells, getting louder and louder, until Dr. Swann recites the message that Clark is Kal-el. When he says Kal-el the music hits its peak. Oh.
My. Gosh. It was amazing.

The episode was a slow, steady build up to this point. It continued to grow and become even more beautiful and touching when Clark was talking to Jonathan about what is meant for him on this planet. Oh, fine. Call me melodramatic if you must! But this was an amazing and touching episode that shows how much young Clark had to struggle with why he was put on this planet. This is why I love this show! We never see the true beginnings of Superman, what he had to deal with as a teen, how he had to cope with this strange, magnificent powers. This show truly does give Superman a history that has never been explored before.

What can I say? I love Superman. Please, if you are a fan, you owe it to yourself to watch this episode. It touches on Superman's origins more so than any episode of the series thus far. I'm so glad that I have this show to watch. I'm so glad people (Bryan Singer, Deborah Joy Levine, and Alfred Gough & Miles Millar) have decided to keep the Superman story alive in so many different, unique, and wonderful ways. And I'm most glad that my mom and dad taped Superman off of ABC when I was little, so I could watch it over and over and over again. Thanks, Jim Bob and Chuck, for introducing me to the Man of Steel who wants to fight for peace and mankind. He gives us all something to strive for.

Maybe GWB could take some tips from him.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Undivided Attention

Usually I can't sit still and do only one thing at once. I often have my lil lappy-laptop out while watching TV, and this is when I do my most posting. For instance, I was doing my most recent blog while watching a Tennant Dr. Who episode. This drives Martin bonkers, although he's too sweet to admit it to my face. (Thanks, honey!) But tonight I shall devote my undivided attention to "Smallville." (And I usually do my most productive posts during the 'Ville.)

Tonight is the Season 2 episode in which Christopher Reeve appeared. I remember seeing this advertised out the ying-yang while it originally aired, but I still missed it. I wanted to see the episode, even though I wasn't an avid "Smallville" fan yet just to see Christopher Reeve interact with another Superman. I'm very excited about this episode! I was going to turn in early, but it looks like I'll be up late this Saturday just to see the whole episode. And even though some of you may be getting tired of the "Smallville" posts, I have to let you know now that I will posting about it again after this episode to give a review.

And now, I shall put lappy-laptop down and watched this monumental episode undisturbed. (It doesn't hurt that the beginning was very intriguing. After which I saw the "Special Appearance by," whipped this post out, and am now ready to view.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Don't Make Me Do It!!!

It doesn't matter how many DVD's we own, what work I may have to do, or what other first-run shows are on, if I see Back to the Future or Coal Miner's Daughter on TV, I will stop and watch them. It doesn't matter if there's only five minutes left; it doesn't matter that I've seen both of them dozens of time; it doesn't matter that they're on cable with 7 minutes of commercials for every 15 minutes of movie. Martin especially doesn't understand why I would do this when we own them on DVD, but he humors me and allows me to watch. So, now knowing this about me, maybe you'll understand the predicament I found myself in tonight.

While flicking during commercials of the Jim Halpert Show, I
discovered that both BTTF and Coal Miner's Daughter were on at the same time. To quote Preston Meyers of Can't Hardly Wait, "What was I to do? How was I to proceed?" I don't think you truly understand how traumatic this was for me...

Sure BTTF is my favorite movie of all time ever, but it had less time to go than Coal Miner's Daughter. It had also been longer since I had viewed Loretty and Dew. But on the other hand when I started to watch BTTF it didn't feel right. Maybe I should be watching Loretty. Then when I
started to watch that I felt like I was cheating on BTTF. Such a dillema I truly don't remember having.

Finally I made a choice: for the first time in I don't know how long, I decided to abandon them both. It was too much for me; almost like choosing which child is a parent's favorite. Instead I retreated to our bedroom to watch a new-to-me episode of "Smallville." I hope my two babies forgive me.

Restless Natives, Pt. II

Why is this guy smiling? Because you're still watching LOST even though it's becoming a snoozefest.

Don't get me wrong: y'all know I loves me some LOST. But come on, J.J.! It's turning into "Alias" all over again. My brother warned me about this: he said it would be a great first season, dull second season, and by the end of the third you give up. I was upbeat, optimistic, and faithful to the island crowd. But the recent steady plain of plot nothingness is really starting to get me down. Even last night's episode with my favorite boy, Hurley, was a major bore.

Let's put it this way: J.J. and Damon have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks to get this darling show back on track. I still don't want to give up on the show, but I grow tired. Why can't we just get some answers!?!