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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mama Street Cred

I've been blessed to be a mother now for almost three years. I love it. Every second. Probably what I love most is sharing books and music with my babes. I love reading them the stories I grew up with and discovering new ones that they love. I also love dancing around to the music I love. Yes, I'm totally bringing them up in a world of 80s pop and Beatles greatness, but there are worst things I could be doing.

But I don't think I really, truly felt like a certified mum until two nights ago, when our daughter woke up caked in vomit. My husband took the sheets to soak, gave the babe a bath, and then I took over for the rest of the night. We lay in the spare bed, and thank goodness she didn't have her first vomit experience until she could talk, for every time she needed to throw up again, she would yell, "BUCKET!" I held her hair back, comforted her as best I could, and we spent the night tossing and turning together. (Did I mention my husband and I were both sick with vomiting and diarrhea, too? Cause we were.) However, focusing on her lessened my sickness: I was wholly intent on her getting better.

As a girl deathly afraid of throwing up--I refused to throw up between the ages of 12 and 26, and I was crushed when that streak ended--this evening shows how truly devoted one can be as a parent. I always told my husband, "If the kids are throwing up, you're taking over." But God grants us with even the most mundane of super powers, and for me this--sitting up with my daughter and smelling vomit all night--was a super power.

I love my babes so much, and I was always afraid I wouldn't be there for them when the throw up sickness hit, but now I know I can and will be there to help. And, though it might seem lame to you, knowing I can do this truly proves I'll be there for them WHENEVER they need me.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

In Conclusion...

I love me some Davy Jones. My tributes to him will cease after this (for awhile anyway--you never know when he'll pop back up, and I'll need to comment/ruminate). God blesses us with so much everyday. Davy Jones was just another example of one of God's blessings. Davy Jones was a small blessing to many people: He brought joy to many, including myself. As a young kid, he gave me music to tap my feet to, a cute lil face to get attached to (for awhile), and as I've grown he's been a part of my musical landscape that I always return to. After a long life of music, song, dance, family joy, and horse enthusiasm, he left this world, and I hope he was right with our Father, so he'll be singing to me again one day.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Best $19.50 I Ever Spent

The following excerpt is from my scrapbook I started in 8th grade. It is exactly as it was penned by my young, 14-year-old hand. The visuals for this entry are actual artifacts from that night:

February 7, 1994, 7:00 p.m.: The Real Live Brady Bunch, with special guest Davy Jones, and featuring the Real Live Game Show. This was one of the coolest shows I've ever went to in my fourteen years! I went with my ever-cool pal Abbey McBride. It was hilarious! They did the episode when Marcia has to get Davy Jones to sing at the prom, or her social life will be ruined forever. It was so funny! Abs and I made some friends too. There were about five people sitting behind us and we all became quick buds (even though they did spill beer on us). It was totally awesome! I busted both my guts.

Friday, March 02, 2012

AWARD Winning Music Group*

Did you know that the Monkees won Emmys? Well, they did. I like to think a lot of that is due to one cute, impish import from Manchester. Oh, yeah, and they were hilarious. I love that Disney Channel ripped off their format for the Jonas show, but then that is the highest form of flattery. I still laugh out loud when I watch the show...which I've been doing frequently this week.
  • Slapstick? CHECK.
  • Real life reels from out on the street? CHECK.
  • Bumper spots of the boys talking when the show runs too short (and them glibly admitting that's why they're doing so)? CHECK.
  • Loads of musical montages? CHECK!
Thank you, AGAIN, to my wonderful dad, who recorded MTV's 24 hour Monkees marathon in 1986 to get me on the retro Monkees bandwagon. You're the best, da!

*10 points extra credit if you know where I got my subject heading from. ;)