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Thursday, March 06, 2014

More on...FOOD!

What the heck does a picture of a full dishwasher have to do with anything?  Well, it proves that I'm starting to take better care of my family.

I've ALWAYS loved cooking, but I've also always loved eating out.  Have you noticed that food tastes better when someone else prepares it for you?  Recently I've been introduced to Einstein & Bros. Bagels.  They have something called the Tasty Turkey.  It's super simple: multi-grain bagel, spread with chive cream cheese, turkey, cucumber slices, tomato, and spinach.  I could make it at home, but I guarantee you it wouldn't taste as good.  I love me some good, hot pizza, too.  Oh, man.  I can try to make pizza at home, but a large Italian Special from Monical's will always, ALWAYS beat my pizza.

Since I've started to kind of sort of get into the swing of having three little ones, I've been cooking more, using dishes more, and therefore, filling up the dishwasher more.  I used to only fill up the dishwasher twice, maybe three times a week.  Now we've been looking at 4-5 times per week.  A pretty good improvement.  I also feel like I'm feeding my family better, too: homemade dishes will always be better, even if you splurge, because you won't get into all of the processed ingredients from eating out.  Let me amend that: you'll get less processed ingredients if you're cooking with fresh ingredients and not just warming up Stouffer's every night.

We still eat out, mainly because I haven't mastered the art of Indian cuisine yet.  But, every filled up dishwasher helps me feel a little bit better about taking care of what my family eats.  Maybe someday SOON I'll get to 6 full dishwashers/week, cause let's face it, I'll never get to 7.