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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kids are Stupid

So apparently it took Michael Jackson DYING for kids to see any relevance in his work. I know I shouldn't be surprised at anything after teaching middle schoolers for seven (yes, SEVEN) years, but I'm rather floored with their sudden love and appreciation for the King of Pop. Everyday I can see some kid moondancing down the hall, singing one of his songs, or asking me, "Mrs. Mc, did you know Michael Jackson?"

Did I KNOW Michael Jackson!?!?! Um, hello! I was alive in 1983 when his shee blew up on Thriller. I have ALBUMS of his work (that always gets a blank stare--what's an album?) I watched the premiere of "Black and White" on FOX after the Super Bowl in still weren't born then.

I guess I love that they can love his music now, but I guess I hate that they act like they discovered him. (See Cori about this pet peeve of mine. Re:Sudden Breakfast Club lovers in my Freshman choir class after seeing it on WGN the night before. Whatever.) And, to conclude, the D.J. played "Thriller" at the 6th grade dance on Friday night. They ALL cheered and stormed the dance floor. Wonder what would've happened at last year's dance if this was played. ???

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Still Believe

Here we go again. What does this season hold? Flying? Probably not. Glasses? Hope so. Still watching? Thought not.

Jimmy's dead. There are no tights in sight. It's been shoved to FRIDAY NIGHT. So, why am I still watching? Cause I can't just give up. It had such a promising start: seasons 1-3 were amazing. Please let it have a strong finish, and I mean finish. It needs to end. Clarkie needs to squeeze into those tights, velcro on that cape, and fly into the blue. He's been around long enough for the sun to power 100 Supermen, so let's get this party FINISHED.

Monday, September 14, 2009

For Reals!?!

Dear Mr. Ford,

I've been a fan of yours for literally as long as I can remember. You were my first crush as Han Solo. I've followed your work and have appreciated your lesser seen films (Hanover Street, Frantic, Mosquito Coast) as much as your huge money-making crowd pleasers (do I even need to name any?). But, seriously? You're game for a FIFTH Indiana Jones film? I mean, I love you, but did you actually see the final cut of Kingdom of Skulls??? I tried to watch it again the other night, and I fell asleep...AGAIN. I stayed awake the first time in the theatre, but at home, I've just given up once the alien talk starts. I just don't know what to say. I still feel cheated and jilted by that story; don't let me down again.
I gess if you really, truly want to don the fedora again--at 67--make sure Lucas doesn't come up with the story. His pen is poison. (Cause, you saw what he did to the franchise that brought you worldwide fame, right?) Just heed my words, fine sir.

Sincerely, The Staff of BBB!

Another Great Has Exited

Bye bye, Patrick Swayze. You were one of my all-time favorite childhood crushes. I'll never forget turning eight and opening that huge Dirty Dancing poster from Aunt Becky and Aunt Barb. They really hooked me up that day. Whether you dancing and twisting across Kellerman's stage with Baby, in drag with Miss Chi-Chi, or kickin' A and takin' names at the Road House, you were always one of the best. You weren't afraid to show your sensitive side, either, and I still can't watch you be a Ghost without squeezing out a couple of tears. Your battle with cancer was long and tough, and I hope you've found peace and relief now.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mr. Robbie Williams

As previously mentioned, Robbie Williams' new CD explodes onto the music scene on November 9. And, as previously mentioned, we here at BBB! are extremely excited. We wanted to pass along the cover art, and we also wanted to pass along that Perez Hilton is a douche.

Seriously can't stand that one. Never have been able to. Oh, I know he probably loves it when people bad mouth him, so I'm gonna get my gripe out of the way, move on, and never mention his dirty name again.

In a recent post, he said Robbie is giving the music biz "another go." Um, he never left. He had been taking a break from his record label and searching for alien life, but he never quit. Get your facts straight, lady! Hilton queries, "will it tank in the US like his previous crossover efforts...Probably!" Yes, probably so, because people in America are too stupid to actually listen to good music anymore and appreciate real talent that isn't on a reality show...or they spend all of their time macPainting penises going into the mouths of people with an immeasurable amount of more talent than themselves.

Whatever. Rant: fin. November 9 is all you need to remember. However, click HERE to pre-order, cause you'll probably have to get "Reality Killed the Video Star" from amazonUK.

Poor Baby!

Well, it's the start of the Illini football season today, and this baby shares my sentiments when it comes to Michigan football. Check her out, cause she's a doll!