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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thirsty for More?

Fair readers, there is still more Twilight to be had. If you got your In Style yesterday, you might have skipped right over the Vanity Fair (the one with Kate Winslet's scary werewolf hair). Big mistake. Inside there's another Twilight spread. (Do you think these guys are sick of taking beautiful photos yet?) The mag only had two pictures, so click HERE to see outtakes from the shoot...and it's FREE if you check it out on the online! Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Uh, yeah, I never check out In Style, but thanks to Cori, I did this month! Click HERE to see more Twilight extras from the photo shoot. For even more hot shots, go pick up the December issue on the stands. (HINT: Heidi Klum's looking oh so festive and Christmasy on the cover.)

MTV=The Place for Movie Classics

OK, I give up. Never again shall I see a music video on MTV. Why do they even have the Video Music Awards anymore? Right now they're showing the 1993 inspirational sports classic "Rudy," starring Mr. Sean they want to become ESPN Lite? Don't get me wrong: I love me some Rudy. But what the heck does it have to do with MTV!?! It doesn't even have a hip, rockin' soundtrack. And, on my cable info box it says: starring Jon Favreau and Greta Lind. Favvy-Favreau as the main star? Who is Greta Lind? I seen this movie two dozen times, and I don't even know what character she plays. Whatever, MTV. Just roll out your slutty episodes of "A Double Shot of Love with the Ikki Twins" or some more stupid, spoiled antics of "The Hills" crew.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

In no particular order...

Husband :)
The bun in the oven
My fambly
My friends
Hoodies & lounge pants
Really, REALLY good books you can read over and over again (like Dark Tower, Twilight, and HP)
Drinking hot cocoa while snuggled under fleece blankets
Looking forward to Christmas
Christmas music
iPods & playlists (--especially my Christmas playlist!)
The free popcorn bucket at la Savoy
YOU--if you're still reading ;)
Pages for All Ages Bookstore
Calphalon pots and pans
TV shows on DVD (--especially Doctor Who, The Office, and Freaks & Geeks)
Fall walks
Cubs games at Wrigley (--I ain't goin' to no Busch)
Chicken tenders & mashed potatoes
Food Network
Date nights with hubby

I'm sure I'll think of more later. Tell me what you're thankful for now. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Who Wants Turkey???

OK, I know you just want more Edward. ;)

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I'd stop Twilighting just cause I saw the film? You wish*.

*And by "you," I meant my husband. Love you, sweetie!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


...I hope you were watching TWILIGHT instead of reading this.

(Gaging the lines at la Savoy and the screaming I heard coming through the walls while I was sleeping through "Quantum of Solace," I think I know that most of you were doing the right thing.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Where did this week go??? I can't believe TWILIGHT comes out tomorrow! I had such grand plans to post everyday, but life, school, and class got in the way. I didn't even get to properly celebrate my birthday. :( I've been busy turning another to the Forks way of life. A student teacher at school has been staying up every night reading Twilight instead of grading. Ah, I love passing on both procrastination and Twilight at the same time!

I need to stop dwelling on this missed week and start focusing on the big show tomorrow. It's been getting dreadful reviews from both die hard fans of the book and critics (it's just a long CW drama--ouch). Oh, baby, please! Reviews have never kept me away. I'm still going.

So, get out your Cafe Press tee-shirts...I know you have 'em! Crank up that many superfans have already bought it! And, maybe get some earplugs...there's gonna be so many squealing middle schoolers that you'll barely be able to hear Pattinson deliver his tortured lines.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

5 Days & Counting

I've been encouraged to keep the Twilight posts up, so I will do my best. Today's subject: EDWARD CULLEN.

I was curious what images would pop up when I searched "Edward Cullen" on the ole google. I found some interesting interpretations, some downright scary interpretations, and I picked the three below as the ones I think would stimulate the most conversation.

Here is a Japanese-inspired graphic of Edward. White skin: check. Bronze hair: check. But I think this one looks a little too nice and sweet. C'mon: Edward's a BEAST! (As the kids would say.)

Next is this freakish photograph of an Edward wannabe. He's definitely got the marble chest thing going on. Those eyes aren't too comforting, though. Bella loves to look in his butteryscotchy-just fed-bronze eyes, but these just, freaky. Not my type this one.

Finally, the movie Edward. I've read some really nasty things about the casting of Robert Pattison as Edward,
but I think the posts are really unfair. He's gonna be great. And, personally, I don't think he's ugly, though a lot of peeps out there shout about how atrocious looking he is. Poor guy. Whatever, dude: you got a fan in me. You've also been a part of the two most anticipated book adaptations of the early 21st century! Who cares what those losers say? (If you can't tell, he's definitely my favorite.) By the way, his hair is great. Really thick and full; Bella will have fun playing with it. ;)

So, VOTE! Which is your favorite?

Coming Up This Week

This week is the beginning of my most favorite time of year. For some of you, holiday fun time starts with Thanksgiving, but for me, it usually starts a whole week earlier. My holiday fun time starts with my birthday, November 19. After that, it's Thanksgiving, then the ole wedding anniversary, and then CHRISTMAS!!! It's my favorite time of the year. Time to start snuggling down, breaking out those fleece wraps, and warming up the hot chocolate.

And, this year, it will be even better, because this Friday, November 21, "Twilight" will be released nation-wide. I've been anticipating this release for many, many months, and I think it's perfect to celebrate the season with...vampires? Well, it works for me anyway. ;) You can bet I'll be giving you a review next weekend. I know you'll await this post with as much anticipation as you await new Doctor Who posts.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank You, Kevin Smith

Since the release of "Superman Returns," Brandon Routh has fallen off the radar. Sure he's been spotted out and about in LaLaLand (and Toddy says he's nicer than "Smallville" Superman, Welling), but he's been absent from the big screen (no, the movie short you did with your wife does NOT count).

Routh is finally back onscreen in Kevin Smith's latest effort to shock and horrify [midwest America], "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." The film was stellar, and it was only enhanced by the presence of Routh. OK, I'll be honest: it was more enhanced by Routh's onscreen partner and love interest, Justin "I'm Just a MAC" Long. (Quote of the film: "Let me be your sherpa up the gay mountain.")

I was once again struck by Ro
uth's physical similarities to the greatest Superman, Christopher Reeve. Then other similarities popped into my mind. Both got cornered into the Superman role, not being seen as anything but the Man of Steel. Reeve made it a point to play outside of the box that was the constrictive blue tights by filming the time traveling love story "Somewhere in Time" after "Superman: The Movie." He then went on to play Michael Caine's diabolical lover in "Deathtrap" (one of the films at the top of my "Most Underrated" list) after "Superman II." So, maybe Routh hasn't gone the time traveling route yet, but he's taken up the gay lover role. Even though he was only in two scenes (one after the credits) and Long rattled off more dialogue than he did, I still hope he keeps popping up in non-Superman roles. You all know I LOVE Krypton's last son, but it's so easy to get no roles after the fact. (Where's Dean Cain lately anyway?) I hope Routh keeps investigating varied roles...and for goodness' sake, stay in the public eye!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ah, the Lure of Vampires

For those of you who've been hiding under rocks (or not reading this blog), "Twilight" will be released next Friday, November 21. But, before the film's even been released, the movie's soundtrack has already hit #1 on the charts. The last soundtrack to do that? Eminem's "Eight Mile." (Man, how I don't miss him.) I'm hesitant to ever buy a soundtrack before seeing a film. Sure the cover of the CD is hot, but Perry Farrell is on the soundtrack. The last time I saw that guy he was going on about honey bees and Mayor Daley's roof. Um, I'll wait to spend my hard-earned cash. But all you lil girls with disposable income, go for it!

10th Who Will Bid Adieu

It's been awhile since this news broke, but it's been rather hard for me to come to terms with. My favorite Doctor Who, David Tennant, will call it quits after this season. Tennant will be in the upcoming Christmas Special ("The Next Doctor"...intriguing title!), and then he will star in a four episode season in which all episodes will be two-hour specials. We're quite sad. It's no secret to BBB! readers that we're quite fond of the Tennant, and we'll sadly await the end of his reign as the Doctor. However, Russell T. Davies, Who producer, promises a big bang of an ending for the 10th Doctor. We'll just have to look forward to the DVD release of Season 4 and the last five Tennant episodes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Man, Skip 007!

I want to see 00Astley! What up!?!

Messing with Perfection...Again

OMG. Balls. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

Columbia pictures has decided to remake the 1984 classic "The Karate Kid." It will star Will Smiff's son, Jaden, and Mr. Smiff will produce it. Ugh. I'm not going. I'll just stay at home and watch la originale again and again and again, because that film is still totally watchable. Mr. Miyagi? Who will replace him? (Rest in peace, yo.) Macchio? Do you really think lil Jaden will have as much raw charisma on screen as Ralph did? I don't think so. (I think it was Ralph's years--23 when he made the film--that led to his emotional depth in the film.) Hey, I'm layin' down a tenner right now that Billy Zapka turns up. What else would he be doing? He'll be the dad of Jaden's arch-nemesis.

Whatevs. Do what you want, Hollywood. You're right: what good is it coming up with new ideas? Let's go remake "The Breakfast Club" right now.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Can I Say?

"The air smells freer," Galen said Tuesday night, about 11:30 p.m. We had just stepped out of his new house, just a few minutes' walk away, and I couldn't've agreed with him more. My chin was higher, and I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. You think I'm overly dramatic? I don't think so.

It's been a long, nightmarish eight years. A time in American history that I thought would never see an end. Sure, Jon Stewart got us through it (what will the Daily Show look like now???), but we shouldn't have had to rely on dry wit and lighthearted cynicism to get us through one man's presidency.

Obama should have his picture next to HOPE in the dictionary. Will he be able to deliver everything he promised? Of course not. Will he make everyone happy? I know he won't. But...

Will he inspire those who have lacked inspiration? Yes, he can. Will he give hope to the hopeless? Yes, he can. Will he be open-minded and fair? Yes, he can.

I'm living through history. I thanked God when I woke up yesterday morning that I have lived to see an African-American become president. I thanked God for renewing my faith in this country's voters. I thanked God for my students getting involved in politics. And, I thanked God for the hope that Obama has given me.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Let me catch my breath...wipe my tears...revel in history...then I'll get back to you tomorrow.