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Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day 2008

In honor of baseball's Opening Day, I've listed my Top 7 Baseball Movies. Why Top 7? Easy, because there are only 7 I really enjoy. I was going to list baseball movies I hate, but I didn't want to be negative. :)

The Natural-Oh, Roy Hobbs. This baseball movie
starring Robert Redford is one of the absolute bestest movies ever made ever. It's also one of the only movies made that's better than the book it was adapted from (do yourself a favor and skip that if you love the movie, like me).
Field of Dreams-"Dad, wanna have a catch?" "I'd like that." If you tell me you can watch the last 30 seconds of this movie and not cry YOU ARE A LIAR. This is also the only Kevin Costner movie I actually enjoy watching over and over (and it's much better than his other baseball movies, which are absent from this list on purpose).
The Sandlot-One of the most quotable movies ever, and since it's rated PG I can show it to my AVID class every year. Hey, it's about teamwork! They have to get that ball back from the Beast.
Major League-What can I say? This movie taught me how to swear, and it taught me how to properly pronounce the name "Vaughn." Bob Eucker is also effing brilliant in this!
Fear Strikes Out-I reviewed this a few months ago when I watched it on a whim on TCM. This riveting biopic of Jimmy Piersall, starring Anthony Perkins and Karl Malden, delves into the strained relationship of a father and son and the price of a dad wanting his only son to be #1.
The Pride of the Yankees-Wanna cry? Check out this biopic of Lou Gehrig starring Gary Cooper. I dare you not to cry in fact.
A League of Their Own-Madonner, Rosie, everyone's favorite every man (except Joseph) Tom Hanks, and Francis from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure."

Honorable Mention: Ferris Bueller's Day Off-No film depicts beautiful Wrigley better, and they customized the sign for the movie. Heeeeeeeeeeeey, batterbatterbatter, suh-wing batter. Hecan'thithecan'thithecan'thit, suh-wing batter. Oh, Alan Ruck, you are awesome!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

BBB! Shout Out... Daddy Todd who risked his Hollywood rep to keep BBB! up-to-date on the whereabouts of Tom Welling. Apparently Mr. Welling likes tuna melts for brunch and gives new meaning to the word reticent, letting his female companion speak for him. (She's also well versed in the structure of Nazi Germany and how it compares to Hollywood restaurants according to Daddy.)

BBB! thanks you, Daddy Todd, and we hope you run into another of our favorites soon. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What You've Been Waiting For

C'mon, don't deny it: You miss the Doctor Who posts. It's alright; I know you do. Because I know you've all been missing new DW episodes as much as I have, I wanted to let you know that the fourth season of the new Doctor Who series will start on the BBC on April 5--YES! Even better news is that Sci-Fi will start airing the new episodes as early as May! (Don't worry: I'll let you know the official start date later.) Now, who's gonna invite me over to watch the Doctor and Donna on their telly??? :)

P. to the S.--Curious about my constant DW talk? Want to get hooked on the Doctor like me? Check out the DW marathon (with some of the best second season Tennant episodes) on Sci Fi: Saturday, April 11, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
P. to the S. squared--Stick around on Sci Fi April 11 at 6:30 to check out the DW spin off, "The Sarah Jane Adventures," starring the fifth Doctor's companion, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). It's more the kids, with a talented young adult backing cast.

Billie Jean Chris Cornell Style via David Cook

Did you get all that? I hope so, but even if you didn't, do yourself a favor and check this out. Cook's the reason that it's okay to watch the AI. I mean even the hubby wants his CD when it comes out (cause it will, oh yes, it will come out).

LB2: The Tribe

Um...this looks amazing[ly bad]. I CANNOT wait to get it straight from NetFlix (...cause if you're telling me this has a theater release, I'll squirt from disbelief).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess What This Guy's Gonna Do?

I'm gonna go see Pearl Jam! I'm gonna go see Pearl Jam!


June 22 in D.C., baby. FoodNetworkAddict, I'm coming for you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahh...Spring Break

Well, it's the second day of spring break, and how's my research paper going? IT'S NOT!!! Oh, I know I should be worried, and last night around 9 I was. But, it's daytime, and all my worries have melted away for the time being.

I'm spending my time testing out new RayRay recipes from her fantab mag (this is month is chock full o' great ones!), baking up some Paula cookies (Monster Cookies-the raisins--yuck!), and trying to figure out what book to take with me on the road to Texas tomorrow. (Yeah, I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow, and I still haven't started that paper. How responsible am I!?!) Should it be the last in the Dark Tower series? Maybe some more of the Twilight series (I'm ready for book 3)? Maybe something completely random--like classic Hemingway? The possiblities are endless. Help me out, readers! What shoudl it be?

I should be off and try to get some research done. Maybe I could at least have an outline started by the time I leave??? We'll see about that. I wish I had more faith in myself. ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Fun-Filled Basketball Days of March

Screw St. Paddy's Day! Who cares about Spring Break? They got nothin' on March Madness!!! The month before spring blooms really start to break forth and all the kiddies start to go totally nuts is dedicated to the greatest sport on earth: BASKETBALL. This is the month when dreams and hopes are kept alive, even in the struggling moments of the final ticks of the clock. This is the month when miracle last second shots make you giddy with exultation (Gopher fans) or cry and cringe with defeat (Hoosiers!). This is the month when, by some act of God, I'm still wearing orange on the last day of the Big 10 tourney. This is the month that real basketball fans wait for and the reason Bracketology starts in November. Even if the big Orange & Blue lose today, I will still be happy, for I have three weeks of "real basketball" left--not pansy, I-get-paid-$850 million-no-matter-what-my-team-does NBA schlock.

Go Illini! Way to go Maroons (3rd in state)! And, YEA FOR MARCH!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

BBB! Salutes Brett Cullen

If you have watched anything on TV, especially ABC, in the last 25 years, you know who Brett Cullen is. Oh, you might not know you know who he is, but you do. He's the ruggedly handsome guest star extraordinaire who has been in everything from "The Thorn Birds" (my personal favorite of his) to "LOST" to "Ugly Betty." Born in Houston, in 1956, he's been a working actor in films and TV since the 1970's, but he keeps popping up on ABC shows in particular. I was so stoked when he popped up on LOST in season two, and I was very happy with his guest appearance last week. I guess he's comforting to me: I've watched him in shows since I was four (go back to the "Thorn Birds" comment, please), and he's always delivered enjoyable character performances. And, sorry to drone on about it, but his performances in LOST have been especially good as far as his recent work goes. Oh, yeah, he was also in "Ghost Rider" with Nicolas Cage--AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For being reliable, popping up when we've think you've gone, and always delivering your lines with that hidden Texas drawl, Brett Cullen, we salute you!!!

P.S. Still not convinced with his BBB! salute (and if so shame on you)? For "everything Brett," go to I found out some interesting stuff, like he loves surfing. ;)

I Win Again!

Following my random movie stint of last week, yesterday I watched "The Game Plan," starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and "In the Line of Fire," starring Clint Eastwood and creepy John Malkovich. I challenge you, fair readers, to find ANYONE else who can say they've watched these two movies one day. My Martin says that would be onpossible (in the immortal words of Ralphie). Yes, I think it would be onpossible to find someone with such random movie tastes as me. And, the kicker is, I LOVED THEM BOTH!!! I've been waiting to see "In the Line of Fire" in full for years (ie, not edited on USA), and thanks to NetFlix that finally happened. "The Game Plan" was made for the Rock. He was absolutely delightful! I don't care what you say, cause I'm a fan. He has a few keys to his success: he's got the biggest smile probably ever--with the whitest teeth ever, he's self-effacing when needed, and he's here to entertain! Keep it up, Rocky!!!

My advice: check them both ONE day!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ah, Twilight

And the obsession with vampires continues...Over Christmas I read the first of Stephanie Meyer's young adult vampire series, "Twilight." It was classic young-adult-teen-angsty-driven stuff. Think "Buffy" in novel form with a lot less sun. Set in dreary, rainy Washington state, Meyer's series puts a new spin on vampire mythology with a couple of new "rules." I just started the second book today, "New Moon." I also surfed the ethers for info on the movie that's being shot right now. It stars Cedric Diggory himself (or Robert Pattinson) as the handsome, mysterious Edward Cullen, and Peter "AmanDUH!" Facinelli, as the head of the Cullen clan.

Anyway...the books are grand, we'll see what the movie's like this holiday season (cause nothin' says Christmas like vampires), and I really think you should give the series a chance. Young adult fiction has come so far in the last ten years; they really aren't just for kids anymore.

Stephanie Meyer website

The Twilight Series

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Read This (A Delayed Reaction Post)

Because February was a thunder(expletive deleted), a month lost in time and space that had no end (until two days ago), I'm just getting to the postage of this article today.

Sent along to me from avid reader, fan, and cousin, Kendra, this NKOTB blurb penned by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody, is, well, so true to life it's uncanny. And when I say "true to life," I mean true to my life. (Except when she's talking about Joey, imagine me talking about Jordan.) Click HERE to read her memories and hopes of the New Kids.


Tumbling ever further down the Nerd Rabbit Hole is me (or I, or whatever). I LOVE the new season of Buffy, Season 8! And, yes, there is a picture of it to the left. It is a comic book series that picks up at the end of Buffy, Season 7. And, holy jeez, I am having a BALL reading them! The last issue I read I actually found myself laughing out loud. Joss Whedon has written the first seven books (I think), and he stays true to the Scooby Gang references, dialogue, and witticisms. Andrew's also kickin' it hard core in the new "season," already expounding on the arrival of Lando Calrissian in "Empire."

Why did it take so long, people? Why did it take so long for my true nerd colors to show? All I can hope is that you have known me for a long time still accept me for who I am...a goofy, fun-lovin' girl who now reads comic books regularly. Well, let's face it: we all knew I was heading this way, what with the Star Wars, Back to the Future, and vampire fetishes I had growing up.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Think I Win...

...for most varied movie choices in one day ever. Let me run down my flick picks for this first day of March 2008:

Semi-Pro--I checked out Will Ferrell's latest at the Savoy 16 with my brother. It was good fun; much better than Blades of Glory. But how could it go wrong: Will Ferrel, whitefro, 70's funk, and Patti LaBelle. Awesome. I giggled lots.
The Man Who Knew Too Much--Hitch remade
his own 1934 movie in 1955 with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. You all know how much I love Jimmy Stewart, and this one was a peach. I guess I'm just a tool for Hitch and Stewart. This one was a birthday pressie from Mimi and Ted. Thanks guys!
Fargo--Oh, Margie, this was the first time I've actually watched ya, don'tchaknow? It was glorious. I've seen the first 45 minutes ten times, but it's always on TV. I've refused to watch it in its entirety until I had it unedited. NetFlix made this happen. I luuuuuuuuuuurved it.

Glengarry Glen Ross--What's that, you say? You've NEVER seen this!?! (Says the girl who just admitted she'd never seen Fargo.) Please, please, PLEASE go see it. This ensemble cast rivals the cast of Sneakers. The one man that makes it sweeter: Jack Lemmon, who should've gotten a Supporting Actor Oscar for the bumbling, down on his luck salesman Shelley Levene. Everyone always rails about Alec Baldwin's 10 minute performance, but you need to watch Lemmon in this. Rounding out the cast: Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Alllllllll Pacino, and Mr. Spacey himself. It's friggin' gold, and David Mamet at his absolute best.

Let me know which one(s) you choose to try out!