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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This is the House Where...

I learned to roast a turkey.
I learned the true fear of a stormy forecast.
Jungle Speed, Pirates, and Guitar Hero ruled.
We had all the friends--Galen & Carla, Darren & Tina, my beloved 6 North (Dave & Amanda, Lisa, Joseph & Emily), and so many more.
We had all the family--even more so after little babies were born.
I opened the front curtains, saw my Mommy in the driveway, and knew about Clarkie without speaking.
Little babies came and made a Cape Cod a home.
A Nana and Gaga came everyday and gave so unselfishly of their time to help raise their babies right.
A Mimi and Ted B came as often as they could to see their first greats and revel in their laughter.
Visitors from Scotland came as often as possible and were always, ALWAYS welcomed with great love and appreciation and joy.  
A tired Mummy and Daddy would come through the doors every night see a baby (then two, then three) running into them yelling, "MAMA!!!" or "DADA!!!" and then energy was restored.
I stand at the door of a lime green room, which belonged to a sweet #1 baby.  Where I walked back and forth with her and sang Silent Night in the bedtimes of her first Christmas season.  This is the room that held the pink sign Sissy made for her when we were still in the hospital, and it was waiting for us when we came back.  This is the room that held ponies and hand-crafted art and books galore and will forever be Alba's.
I walk into a large room, fit for a Mummy and Daddy, but in the end better for a Bubby.  Big maroon walls and plenty of room for a futon to jump on, bins of toys to play with, and even a TV to watch cooking shows on.  This is where a little man got to explore his space, have a big boy toddler bed, put his heroes on the wall, and play all the Kobe games.  This is Kean's.  
I stand at the door of lavender room, the room of a most welcomed surprise #3.  We didn't know we needed her, but we're so, so blessed beyond words that we have her.  Where I walked in to hear two little voices yell, "SURPRISE!" after Daddy had painted the room all by himself.  The room where I would hum Mary Poppins' "Stay Awake" to the sweet girl who never wanted to nap.  The room where Big Sister and Big Brother would hold joyous dance parties around their newest best friend.  Even though it started as Kean's and as a guest bed before him, this is Skye's, no matter what happens next.
Under the guidance of nursing babies I was able to experience Smallville, Big Love, Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks (again), Veronica Mars, New Girl, and countless Hallmark Christmas movies (thank you two December babies).
Kean would hug his tree, Alba would color her sidewalks with chalk, and Skye would chase her bubbles.
So many birthdays filled the walls to busting, everyone snug and tight to sing to a little Alba or Kean or Skye.

I said goodbye for the last time today.  I stood in the kitchen after a final cleaning and sweeping and walking through, and I saw the ghosts of little blonde-headed moppets running through, giggling, crying, laughing, singing, and dancing.  As bright and fresh as yesterday, I saw them before my eyes.  It's so hard to say goodbye to a place: you know it's just a place, but it is so much more.  So, so much more.

I learned to love like I never thought was possible.


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