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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh, Lambert

Really? This is your first CD cover? Really??? FYI, you're not David Bowie. You kill me, Lambert.

Click HERE to pre-order "For Your Entertainment" that's released on November 23. (No, I don't want it for my birthday, but thanks for asking!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it November 9 Yet???

This is so good, it got posted to the ole blog AND fb. Oh, Robbie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Victor Newman & Daniel Desario

I like keepin' tabs on my old stories I used to watch which I was a young'un, and I found two very interesting stories this week about a couple of my old storytime staples.

Eric Braeden, daytime's most dashing leading man, has been FIRED from Young and the Restless! What the deuce!?! How can Y&R exist without Victor Newman??? This is absolutely ridiculous. They thought he wasn't worth the amount of money they've been paying for, so they chopped his butt. I'm sorry, but his voice alone is worth every red cent they were giving him. Not to mention, he still looks pretty darn good for a guy going on 69. He was about to celebrate his 30th year on Y&R, but this anniversary will go uncelebrated. I guess we'll just have to hope for more guest spots on HIMYM as Robin's Canadian father (I almost dropped an egg when I saw him pop up on that show!).

And, now for something completely different...James Franco, winner of an Independent Spirit Award for his work in last year's Milk, has contacted General Hospital to do work on the show. Did you hear that? James Franco WANTS to work on a soap. Apparently he wants to experience the grueling process and work hours it takes to produce a soap opera, and he has the same agent as one of GH's biggest stars, Steve Burton. His several episode stint will start in November...supposedly. I hope he goes through with it, cause it would be a gas to see him on daytime stories!

By Jove, I THINK I've Got It?

OK. OK. OH. KAY! I'll admit it: I'm not happy about the imminent arrival of Mr. Smith.

As I was walking into work the other morning, I was contemplating: Why am I so sad about the new Doctor Who? Christopher Eccleston was great, but David Tennant's been fantastic, too. (Or, should I switch those adjectives round? If you get what I'm sayin', wink for ya.) Then I was contemplating: I've liked other reincarnations of the Doctor better than some, but I've still enjoyed the show...except for one. There's always been one Doctor that I haven't been able to truly enjoy.

So, I started thinking about Mr. Baker...Colin that is. I think what it comes down to is this: At first glance Colin Baker and Matt Smith have the same face. They both have a face that oozes smarm. In Matt Smith's case, his face says: I'm only 26, I've been hired to play one of sci-fi's most revered characters, and I'm better than you. I sincerely, SINCERELY, hope this isn't the case once the new trailers start rollin' on the interwebs, but this is my gut reaction right now.

Do you care? Probably not. But at least I feel better now after figuring out why I'm so opposed to the exit of Tennant and the entrance of Smith.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Who Logo

Like it isn't bad enough Tennant is leaving. We knew that would come eventually, so we were mildly prepared when the news of Matt Smith's arrival hit the interwebs. However, we were NOT prepared for a new Who logo.

My opinion can be summed up in one syllable: BLAH. Tell us what you think.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Balls--Big Hairy Ones--from Utah

HBO has delayed the release of Big Love, Season 3, on DVD until January 5. What am I supposed to do over Christmas break now!?!? There's no Doctor Who DVD's to watch, and there's no Big Love to watch. Whatever. This is why you shouldn't get addicted to HBO shows.