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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I LOVE March Madness...This Year

I love March Madness EVERY year, but this year there are some particular things really popping out that makes me once again fall to my knees and thank the Good Lord for blessing people with great ideas.

1.  Charles Barkley.  That's it.  Enough said.  I love him.  He's hilarious, his suits are outrageous, and after reading Jack McCallum's The Dream Team, I am enjoying this year's commentary by him even more.  Go on wit ya'self, Chuck.

2.  Previews for 42.  I cannot wait for this Jackie Robinson bio-pic.  What a great man.  And, Harrison Ford plays his the man responsible for getting him to the bigs, Branch Rickey.  Did you READ that???  BRANCH.  RICKEY.  Best.  Name.  EVER.

3.  THE ROCK.  He's on EVERY OTHER COMMERCIAL/MOVIE PREVIEW/NEW TNT REALITY SERIES HYPE PROMO/ANYTHINGELSEYOUCANTHINKOF.  He is amazing.  He'll never stop.  Over saturation???  Sure, some might think so, but I love seeing his pretty face.  Oh, he'll also be back at WrestleMania in a couple of weeks. 

4.  My personalized bracket my husband made me.  I love it.  I love him.  It is one of the most amazing gifts I've EVER received, and it didn't cost a dime.  I am trying to decide if it deserves it's very own post.  Sing it with Janet...The best things in life are free.

5.  The previews for the upcoming MASTERS.  Oh, wait...I love that EVERY YEAR of March Madness.  Maybe that's why I love GREEN so much...?

P.S.  You know what I don't like, though?  Having to watch TRU-TV and seeing previews for that stupid, greasy pawn show and seeing every commercial for insurance and retirement funds ever made EVER.  But other than that, this is my favorite time of the year!!!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting There is Half the Fun

OK.  I did it.  I ran a 5K.  If you're a faithful reader, you'll know that a year ago I went on a mini-rant about runners/joggers/etc.  I don't want to become one of those people where it's ALL I TALK ABOUT, but I have to admit, I have succumbed to the joys of running.  It's pretty cool jogging outside on a cool, sunny day with music pumping in your ears.  I don't think I could ever become a year round runner, though.  I do not need to run in the rain.

Now, I still prefer my elliptical: I get to watch Smallville, not sweat as much, and I still get a good workout.  I did feel a sense of accomplishment when I passed through that finish line, though.  35:06 for a 5K is not great, but it's okay for a beginner. 

I want to give a shout out to the three main groups that got me there: S Club 7, John Mellencamp, and the Beastie Boys.  Without them, I probably would have still passed the finish line, but it might not have been until the 40th minute.  S Club's REACH came on, and I started to reach...LITERALLY.  I started to pump my arms out in front of me, reaching out for the end of the course. 

 John Mellencamp's SMALL TOWN got cranked up!  He got me running even faster, and even though I am not from a very small town, I'm still surrounded them and was picturing the likes of Hume and Newman through the end stretches. 

And, then, when I wanted to take a short walking break after Johnny Cougar, SABOTAGE kicked me into high gear.  How could I start walking then?  I had to get away from the po-po!  I pumped through the end, pushed myself, and ran through that finish line.

Thank you, oh great iPod shuffle god: you're the best! 

The funniest part of my first 5K (and, YES, it was my first, because I already signed up for the Illinois 5K) was when I was finishing my first loop of the course, and a guy in neon yellow ZOOMED past me to the finish line.  He was done in just over 16 minutes, when I was STARTING my second loop.  It was definitely not about winning, and I had to chuckle at the dude as he finished.  He was totes serious about best time, and I was just out for a run around the best public university in the country.  GO UIUC Earth, Wind, and Fire 5K!!!