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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another One Just in Time for My Birthday

Looks like the pressies for my 31st are going to be pretty good--nay, GREAT!

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray November 9, 2010. Click HERE to pre-order from Amazon.

Get Your Wallets Open

Here it is, folks. The album cover for Robbie's newest greatest hits compilation. This one is much more comprehensive than his last greatest hits effort, released in 2004. Click HERE to get the full track list. If you do check out the list, take note of his partner on track 1. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guilty Summer Fun

The best thing to hit Port Charles since Antonio Sabato, Jr, is James Franco. Franco is playing a title aptly named, um, well Franco, and he is once again terrorizing Port Charles good guy turned gangster Jason Morgan (played by Steve Burton). I got caught up last night on a Soap Net omnibus, and I was giddy. Franco is having so much fun playing Franco, a psychotic artist obsessed with Jason, that it's too much fun to turn away.

I also get to catch up with my longlost General Hospital friends, like Sonny, Mac, Robin, Lucky, and Luke. (BTW, Sonny and Mac are doing that uber annoying thing men do when they age: they look so much better than when I started watching 15 years ago...whatever.) I'm having so much fun watching that I might even keep up with the old crew once school starts (since Soap Net re-runs the daily show at 10/9 central everynight). As for now, it's good to be back in Port Charles...even if the end of the summer is creeping up.

Click HERE for some Franco 101, and tune in daily for a hit of truly guilty pleasure.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Plea

Faithful (if few) Readers,
I implore you to read the outstanding book, Water for Elephants, before you start lining up to buy tickets to the movie. It's THE best book I've read this summer, and I want you to get the book before spring 2011, when the movie covers will certainly abound, and it'll be all you can to do find the original cover print.

Why the plea? Why all the hubbub about getting the original cover? Because soon, before we know it soon, Robert Pattinson's pretty face will be plastered all over anything having to do with Sara Gruen's beautifully told tale of a man and his life in the circus.

Don't get me wrong: you readers should know I enjoy the R-Patz and his vampiric rise to fame. I also applaud him being so wise as to take the role of Jacob Jankowski, one with such teeth in it (no pun intended...well, maybe mildly intended). I honestly cannot wait to see the adaptation, but more so because of his wicked, devilish co-star, Christoph Waltz (already lauded and applauded on this humble blog). He's gonna hit another one out of the park with his portrayal of bipolar schizophrenic, August Rosenbluth. BUT, I so want you to enjoy the book before the female teenage hordes get their hands on every copy.
If you're curious to check out/buy the book, click HERE. If you want some imdb stats, click HERE. Happy reading!!!
P.S. Reese Witherspoon and Hal Holbrook also co-star...not even a big deal.

Question of the Day

Q: What do New Kids on the Block and everyone's favorite mustachioed man, Tom Selleck, have in common?

A: Magnum has joined forces with one of the Beantown Brothers in a new CBS series.

Someone hasn't been doing her job. (That's me! Shhh!) When I found out one of my nearest and dearest hadn't heard of Blue Bloods, the new cop drama starring Tom Selleck and Donnie D (aka, Donnie Wahlberg), I knew I hadn't been doing a good enough job of keeping this blog updated. (As if the three month hiatus wasn't proof enough.)

The new drama is airing this fall. Awesomeness that Tom Selleck and Donnie D are joining forces. Not awesomeness that CBS is putting it on Fridays at 10/9 central. But, on the other hand, if Jennifer Love Hewitt can keep a show afloat on CBS Fridays for more than one season, maybe these two superstars can charm the viewers to stay in on Friday nights as well.

Check out the exclusive trailer HERE.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Such a Beautiful World

As if NKOTB getting back together wasn't good enough...

It's been officially announced that Take That have gotten back together: YES, that includes Mr. Williams! The band is already working on their new album (which will be released in time for someone's birthday???), and they have official footage of the work in progress at their website. A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you visit the website (see link below), you will not be disappointed with the picture that is staring back at you.

I know a lot of my U.S. readers never took much of an interest in Take That, but they filled the void left by NKOTB's untimely break up. (Although, NKOTB's break up wasn't due to fighting and egos: poor Jon couldn't take the pressure of live audiences anymore, and the rest of the Beantown boys didn't want to go on without him.) I hope Mr. Williams doesn't have further ego trips in a couple of years and leave them again, and I also hope their third '"new" album is as good as their first. (I am sorry, but "The Circus" just didn't capture me as much as "Beautiful World" did.)

Here are a couple of links worth visiting: