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Monday, September 24, 2012

Let Me Be Totally Transparent...

THIS is why I'll be watching CBS' Elementary:

And, THIS is why I'll be watching CBS' Partners:

With both of these boys' track records, we'll see which perseveres.  With all the Holmes hoopla of late, Jonny Lee has a shot, but people of the hardcore BBC variety might be ticked off he's trying to take over Benedict Cumberbatch's steam.  Let's face it: people are also stupidly sexist and might not want to see a woman play Watson, even though she's the awesome Lucy Liu.  And, BRouth?  Well, let's just say, brother's had it rough.  His shining moment since Superman Returns might have been his portrayal of a quarterback turned gay in Kevin Smith's severely underrated Zack & Miri Make a Porno.  Looks like he's going back to that well to play a supporting role in Michael Urie's return to TV as [another] gay man and David Krumholtz's comedic return to CBS after his dramatic turn in the network's Numbers.  I hope they both get stellar ratings...and that the shows are actually good enough that I want to watch for more than just EYE candy.  (Get it?!?  Do ya?)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back in Time

I have been stalking DeLoreans around Champaign-Urbana since I was in high school.  My dear friend, Jacob, who is the only person I know that shares an affinity with me for BTTF, Pt. II, over BTTF, Pt. III, spotted a DeLorean with the license plate GIGAWAT when I was a senior in high school.  Ever since then I get super excited when I see one "in the flesh."

Last year was a banner year.  On Mondays, when I made my morning Starbucks run, I started to see a DeLorean in the parking lot with Washington plates.  Oh, I knew it would be a good day when I saw that breathtaking good fortune omen.  The first time I saw it, I stopped in the drive thru lane, held up the traffic behind me, and snapped a photo of it...Did I mention the owner had just stepped out and popped the driver's side door up...BY REMOTE???  Well, he had, and he just gave me a sorry stare when he caught me snapping my photo.  I wonder how many times losers like me had done that?  I was proud to be in their number, too, cause ain't no shame in my game.

Well, that was LAST year.  This year quickly overtook that weak experience when, on Friday, September 14, I got to spend over two hours playing around and in a DeLorean to shoot a video for my church.  Yes, I got to shoot a video FOR MY CHURCH about being addicted to BTTF.  (BTW, who ARE all the losers that say Christians and Christianity suck!?!  You guys need to get an open mind and check out Quest.)  Unfortunately, the video can't be posted online, because we might have used some of Alan Silvestri's theme music, but you can check out some awesome photos here.  It was way too much fun.  When I got to open UP that door for the first time, and it made that swooshing noise, I exhaled a breath of sheer giggly glee.  I felt like a child in a candy shop so much fun it was.  Thanks, Quest, for making dreams come true!!! 

Make a Little Allerton

It's been over a month since a post, y'all, which could mean only ONE thing: the school year has started!  Between all the standardized testing, benchmark testing, beginning of year meetings, and more testing, I've hardly had time to even start my curriculum.  (For those of you who are teachers, you could probably imagine how frustrating this could be.)  THEN, last week, the first week I was able to really concentrate on curriculum, I got sick, AND we had a field trip!  

But, on this field trip, one of the best conversations I have ever heard between two 11-year-olds took place.

We were in nature, at Allerton Park, in lovely Monticello, IL.  I was in charge of the hay rack ride, where we drove students around the woods and out to the beautiful, awe inspiring Sun Dancer statue--about a 30 minute ride.  During one of the rides, all of sudden behind me I hear a young chap start singing, "Not to put too fine a point on it/Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet..." And, THEN, another voice joins in, "MAKE A LITTLE BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOUL!!!"

Boy 1: I LOVE They Might Be Giants!
Boy 2: Yeah, me, too.  I like their earlier stuff better, though.
Boy 1: They released a studio album last year.  It's good.  My dad took me to see them in Wisconsin.  They were awesome.
Boy 2: Aw, man!  I'd LOVE to see them.
Me, turning around to face them: You both just earned an unequivocal A+ for the remainder of the year.
Both Boys, in unison: AWESOME!!!!

6th graders NEVER cease to amaze me.  :)