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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Weekend!

I had a fun-filled movie weekend! It's not often I see two movies in a weekend, but I love it when I do! Especially when one of those is "The Departed," but more on that later.Saturday found me at "Smokin' Aces." I was in between my bro and my hubby, getting cold vibes from the latter and neutral vibes from the former. As the movie progressed, I liked what I saw, but I wasn't bowled over. It could have been a lot better, but it was an entertaining Saturday afternoon flick. The part where Andy Garcia was all of sudden from South Carolina, or some other southern state, was especially giggleful. (Yeah, that happened in the last scene, too. Andy Garcia's thought process: "I'm gonna change this up a bit. I haven't been in the film for multiple scenes, so the audience probably forgot I wasn't southern. I'll just practice my south town dialect for a bit.") Ray Liotter and Ry Reynolds were a good (hot) team, and Piven even had me feelin' his pain by the end. Then there was "The Departed." Soooooooooooo glorious. I think it's the best one since "Goodfellas." It took us long enough to see it, and it's all thanks to Galen. (It was his birfday today, and he wanted to see it.) DiCaps and Matty Damon were awesome. DiCaps had me so fidgety and paranoid that I was lookin' behind my back for Jack Nicholson's crew to cap me! It was hard to see Damon as the baddy, but I'm glad he took that turn.

Marky Mark stole the show, though! He's ready to sling it at Giardono in the above scene. His lines were far too inappropriate to print here, but he was the freaking BEST! He had a very enjoyable dialogue exchange with Alec Baldwin that should have got Baldwin an Oscar nod for supporting Mark. I hope he wins that Oscar. Well, thanks to those Oscar nods the film was re-released, and if you missed it the first time, like us, go see it now. I still don't think Scorsese will take home the golden statue. He must have some dark secret we don't know about, but makes the Academy hate him. (Kind of like how they hated Cary Grant and never gave him anything but an honorary Oscar.)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Delayed Reaction Post*

QUESTION: Are you sitting at home right now? Are you bored? Should you be doing something important, like laundry or homework, but instead find yourself surfing the Internets? Well, if this is YOU, I have great news!

#1: You should click the link in my earlier post from today, because you haven't seen "24" until you've seen it as a comic strip.
#2: If you missed Justin Timberlake's Christmas SNL, you haven't seen the best SNL Digital Short of all time. Well, I've got the link for you, baby! Click here to either relive or experience for the first time Tumberfoot's golden SNL moment. Revel in the Color Me Badd-ness of it all, and learn the lyrics so you can sing along, too! (Gentlemen, take careful notes when they give you step-by-step instructions for the best holiay gift you can give your lady.)

And, hey, don't say I never did nuthin' for ya, because if one of these don't make your ho-hum, boring night, I don't know what could.

*I became very ill at Christmas time after I saw this, and I forgot to post about it. In my opinion, better late than never, because Valentine's Day is coming up.

Thank You, Mikel!

24 SITE.
EVER.Click on this 24 link NOW!!! You will see an episode by episode recap of the best anti-terrorist show in comic book format, called "24 in 24 Pages." Keep your eye out for the Bauer Kill Count and Peter MacNicol's comments. (I can't reprint them here, because someone leisurely reading this might find them offensive and not realize that it's satirical.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Urlacher looks so good holding up that hardware. And he looks like a happy, little kid! Could that smile be any bigger???

I don't really know what to say. I'm so happy! Picture me dancing round to the "Super Bowl Shuffle," flailing around wildly, with Martin and Galen staring at me in awe, at about 5:30 this afternoon.

Two weeks from today will history repeat itself? Will we partying like it's 1985 all over again? I hope we will.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby Bulls vs. Jazzy Deron

In a few minutes we'll be making our way to Chicago to see the Bulls take on the Jazz. I'm VERY excitable! Not only is this my first Bulls game ever, but I'll also be able to root for the old Illini guards, Deron Williams and Dee Brown. It's true that they both look better in orange and blue, but I'll take them in their NBA gear, too. It's going to be very hard for me not to root for them! I'll try to keep it undercover, though. Do you think anyone will notice who I'm for when I have my Illinois hoodie on? Nah, I didn't think they would either! ;)

Have great weekends! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A What!?!

Some say he's already running, but he's still playin' it cool. Cause he had to first form a ..."Presidential Exploratory Committee"??? Just run, gosh darn it! Just run...

High Five!

I'm so glad to report that Sacha Baron Cohen won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. His speech was out of character (thank goodness), but he did relay a wonderfully obscene and disgusting story about "the scene" from his movie, "Borat" (which lost out to "Dreamgirls"). (You know the scene I'm talkin' 'bout.)

I was actually a bit bored with last night's telecast of the Globes. The Globes are my favorite awards show, because it showcases both TV and film. I guess I was just bummed that more of my favorites didn't win. No Kiefer, no 24, no Carrell...but Hugh Laurie (giving the night's other memorable speech--must be something about Brits and speeches) won for his demented Dr. House. And, Alec Baldwin does deserve props for being THE funny part on "30 Rock." Martin Scorsese won for "The Departed," but I'm sure Oscar will shun him again. Helen Mirren took away two (Martin urging her all along the way to put her breasts away--talk about cleave!), and DiCaps lost both of his nods to Forest "I-Survived-Fast-Times- at-Ridgemont-High" Whitaker. And, I've saved the worst for last: "Cars" beat "Happy Feet" for animated feature. You know what that is??? NOISE!!! As in, I'm NOT hearin' it. For all the winners click here.

If you want to see some hot pictures, click here for Yahoo photos (the first is of Wah-ren Beatty). The girlfriends looked especially hot last night, by the by: Drew, Angelina, Yunjin Kim, Martin's fave Rachel Weisz, so see if you can find some of them. And it's off to class I go...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Did You See That?

Tonight's "24" premiere was without a doubt the best next to Season's 5 (nothing, NOTHING, can beat those first scenes from last year). One word: SPECTACULAR. Especially the last three minutes of tonight's first episode. Oh, Jack Bauer may look down and out at right, but I assure you he was not. In those last few minutes he not only kicked A, but he also presented the audience with an homage to one of my favorite Kiefer pieces I mentioned yesterday, "Lost Boys."

Unfortunately, you can't watch the premiere(s) online if you missed them, but you can get videos at the official website. There is also a video clip of Carlos Bernard ruminating on his absence and Stephen King's take on the season.

Sorry this is so short, but I'm being purposefully cryptic and vague. I don't want to give too much away to those who haven't seen it yet. I will say this, however: There's a welcomed president, a favorite David E. Kelly actor in an unlikable role, and a cast addition any Trekkie would approve of.
Man am I PSYCHED to see more tomorrow night! YIPPEE!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Time for China to Give Jack Back!!!

In less than 24 hours "24" will make it's sixth season premiere! OH BABY!!! This will be the first time Martin and I watch it "live" (we've watched every other season on DVD). And I honestly cannot express how excited we are. If you haven't figured this out already (and if you haven't, let's face it, you're slow), we revel in TV. "24" and "LOST" are our favorites, and we are so stoked to see Jack Bauer back in action.

Kiefer Sutherland's wisest career move was starring in (and then getting extra money from a producing credit) this awesome, adrenaline pumping show. His career film was dwindling, with his most memorable roles far behind him in the 80's/early 90's* (Stand by Me, Lost Boys, Young Guns, Flatliners, Three Musketeers). It premiered after 9/11, and I do view it as Republican diatribe, but gosh darnit! I LOVE IT!!! Jack Bauer can take care of more hostages single handedly than any team of covert CIA/FBI/Whatever agents. Kill those freedom-snatching terrorists and preserve us! He is THE coolest, and we can't wait to see how he gets out of China.

*I hear Dark City is fantastic, but I still haven't seen it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kneel Before Zod!

Or in this case, Becks.

It's official! David Beckham has signed to a 5-year, $250 million contract with the L.A. Galaxy. Oh, baby! Catherine better get me some tickets right now!

If you don't know dear, ole Becks, let me give you a rundown:
  1. He speaks with the voice of a girl.
  2. He's the world's most popular football (soccer) player.
  3. He's married to Posh Spice and has kids with notorious celebrity names (Brooklyn, Romeo, & Cruz--man are those kids gonna get their arses whooped in school).
  4. He wants to play in the U.S. before he becomes a 34-year-old hasbeen who's only in it for the money. Um, he's 31 now, and he's already been rendered useless by Real Madrid, the Spanish powerhouse he signed a lucrative deal with three seasons ago.
  5. He wants to bring soccer to a new level in the U.S. (Which I applaud him for since the NBA is becoming a breeding ground for hip hop/pimp/ghetto wannabes).
  6. He can be a pretty face, but I really doubt there's much going on upstairs.
  7. Part of his contractural earnings will be made of the profits from the Galaxy's games...maybe you should scrap the previous comment I made about him not being so bright, because this means his earnings could exceed the $250 million promised.
Thus concludes my first sports post ever. Applause, applause, A-PLAUSE! (QUICK! Which John Hughes classic is that from?)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Premature Recommendation

Well, I am only 25 pages into it, but so far Feel: Robbie Williams, by Chris Heath is guiltily pleasurable. If you've read this humble blog before, you know I enjoy Mr. Williams. Each CD he releases is a triumph over the previous (in my uneducated critical opinion). Feel was written during the completion of Escapology, his fourth solo CD. In the first 25 pages you see how sheltered and lonely his life really is. Most people would find this deplorable and ridiculous: Oh, Robbie Williams is lonely. Wah,wah,wah. Poor multi-millionaire doesn't like touring, is severly insecure, and has tiffs with his writing partner. Cry me a river. I, however, find it very sad and depressing. I feel bad for the ole bloke. I hope there's a silver lining in his cloud of reality soon, or I might cry for the guy. I also really hope this book isn't just a ploy to get more girls to sleep with him...Nah, Robbie wouldn't ever do that. ;)

If you want to check it out, it looks like us Americans will have to look toward or used if you're Lauren you can find it in a used book store (lucky girl). Happy reading!

Monday, January 08, 2007

EIU Here I Come!

Well, if my posts got few and far between before, lets wait and see what happens when I have class to attend as well.

Tomorrow I will be starting my second Master's at Eastern Illinois University. (Go Panthers!) I've never taken class and taught class at the same time, but I hope I'll be okay. Lots of teachers do it, so I think I'll be able to do it also? I'll be taking it with my best Franklin buddies, Mr. Mast, Mr. Pickell, and Ms. Palmer. This is the original 6 North team (even though one of us is in Monticello now), and I'm sure we'll persevere together.

Our degrees will be in Elementary Education, but the degree is focused in Middle School Education. The more I teach M.S., the more I enjoy it, and I think I'll be (stuck) there for a long time. I'm looking forward to learning again, instead of just teaching. Just wish me luck, so I can get through the next semesters teaching and learning. Also wish me luck on my Tuesdays that will last from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm.

What HAVE I gotten myself into???

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh, Superman

Well, I never got to talk about my favorite Christmas gifts, but I will tell you this, Martin is feeding my love for Superman backwards, forwards, and sideways. :) Not only did he give me the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition (which I HIGHLY recommend for any Superman fan--the documentary discs are outstanding!), but he also got me started on "Smallville," the WB teen drama that follows Clark Kent's development into Duperman...I mean Superman (sorry that I spelled out my speech impediment).

"Smallville" is positively delightful! Most days at school I count down the hours until I can get home and watch another episode. It's classic WB high school drama, but I love that. I loved "Buffy," and I love the daily teen routines that are re-visited in this chapter of the Superman chronicles. Most episodes deal with Clark's unrequited love for his crush, Lana, who of course, is dating a football player. We've also seen Clark try to become part of the in-crowd by joining the football team, one of Clark's friends deal with overweight issues (and then turning into a hyper-metabolic fat sucking lass), and the typical party without parents gone wrong, Jake Ryan style.

The show is aces, and I can't wait to finish season 1...and then wait for the other seasons to go on sale at amazon (usually in the summertime).

The Top 5 Things I Love About "Smallville:"
1. It's about Superman (duh).
2. Clark Kent's love interest is Lana Lang, instead of Lois...a nice spin, reminiscent of "Superman III."
3. Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum) looks just like my pastor.
4. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is perfect: dark hair, blue eyes, bright, white know--you're typical Superman.
5. The parents! Annette O'Toole, who played Lana in "Superman III," is Clark's mom. Jonathan Kent is none other than John "Bo Duke" Schneider. Nothin' like a Duke to class up a series.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Speaking of Cancelled Shows...

It's finally coming!!!"Twin Peaks: Season 2" will be available on April 10. You can pre-order it here at for $36.99. Oh, and if you haven't been keeping track, the first season came out over five years ago (December 2001). But, really, who IS keeping track???

G'bye, Gil

Oh, how I've loved the Gil Grissom.

William Peterson is leaving his star veh
icle, C.S.I. (not to be confused with his other movie star vehicles, Manhunter and Fear), tonight after seven seasons as the King of Smarm, Gil Grissom. I've loved his zingers (the last line he says before the theme song and credits play), I've loved groovin' to the Who every week and doin' my Who dance (ask Martin), and I feel ashamed that I haven't watched him more lately the last few years. (I do want to register a complaint, though, a LOUD complaint: Catherine (Margerine Helgenbergeren) got the zing on his last night. WHATever.)

Whenever a show, or their awesome lead, leaves the air I feel personally responsible. If I had been more faithful to the show/star, it would've lasted longer. I felt this way at the end of both "Freaks and Geeks" and "Arrested Development." I'll miss the Gil on Thursday nights. I admit I've taken him for granted, always expecting to flip to CBS and catch his trademark smirk on commercial breaks. Now, no longer will I be able to get my smarm fix on Thursdays. (I don't care that I can catch him on SPIKE. It's not the same. And don't even mention the two seasons I own on DVD. Null and void points, I say. This is the close of an era.)

Farewell, dear Gil. I sincerely hope this merely is a hiatus and that you'll be back to rescue your Vegas crew soon. Because, I love my cousin, George Eads, but the ole crew can't hold it together without you. At least you'll still be getting your Executive Producer paycheck. That's a final zing for the rest of the cast...

Oh, yeah, vote on the Gil you love best: Beard or No Beard. Personally, it's hard for me to choose. I t
hink the beard enhances the smirk, but what do you think? Leave a message and let me know.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Precious

Sorry for the delay in posting...It's been a sad New Year. I didn't get to post my Top 10 Christmas Gifts, because we lost our dear puppy, Merlyn the Dog, the precious. We loved him SOOOOOO much. You may have a dog, but our dog was the best. ;) I know it's all a matter of opinion, but Merlyn was the most loyal, precious, awesome, bouncy puppy ever. He was always the puppy, too; it didn't matter that he was 15. He loved to bound around the three lots between 1216 and 1212. He wagged his tale, attacked you at the door, and only ever wanted hugs and loves. He still loved to play keep away with his rag-rope, even though he was 15.

It's been really rough without the puppy. H
e passed last Thursday, December 28. He just couldn't get up anymore. Send your happy thoughts to my dad especially, cause he's lost his bestest buddy ever. We all miss him, and I think we always will. Check him out in the maroon stallion above, taking one of his favorite Sunday rides with my mom and da, and below, exploring backwoods country with his Ober.

I wish I had more prophetic, and poetic, things to say, but they aren't coming to me right now. But you can share your memories with the reading masses if you want to.