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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Best Hair Ever

I just wanted to pay my quick respects to my favorite angel, Farrah Fawcett. Man oh man did I want her hair when I was little. It was so feathery, so light, so PERFECT. (My thick, wavy hair could never be like that.) Seriously, I don't think you understand: I would stare at her hair for minutes on end and dream of having some just like it.

There are two of her works I loved: "See You in the Morning" and "Small Sacrifices." "See You in the Morning" is an amazing little movie boasting an all-star cast: Jeff Bridges, Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, and, for all you Trekkies, Alice Krige. It's a simply delightful, unpretentious movie about a divorcee, Jeff Bridges, trying to make a new life away from his first wife, Fawcett. The trouble is he still loves his ex-mother-in-law, respects his ex, and loves his kids. And, here's my trouble: it's not available on DVD. :(

Speaking of trouble, neither is "Small Sacrifices," the 1991 mini-series in which Fawcett plays a desperate woman who tries to kill her kids in order to woo her lover, Ryan O'Neal, away from his family. It also co-stars John Shea as the prosecutor trying to put her away. It's a powerfully twisted true story with a powerhouse performance from Fawcett.

.I.P., angel. We'll see you again someday...(and, I think I'm more sure of that than of seeing MJ again one day).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here it Is! Liberian Girl!

It's definitely a bit grainy, but you can still make out your '80's favorites. And, YES, Steve Guttenberg is present and accounted for. ;)

Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remixed) -- OFFICIAL

This is the best youtube project since "Brokeback to the Future." It's my new favorite, and I think I'll watch it everyday. I give MAD props to the gentleman who edited this together, because it is no small task to go through seven seasons of Buffyina to find the perfect clips to match Eddie Cullen's lovelorn looks. There's also a very clever clip from "Goblet of Fire" at the end.

Have I mentioned I love this??? ;)

I Almost Forgot What the "M" Stood For

Thanks to Michael Jackson's untimely passing, MTV is doing something they haven't done in, oh I'd say 15 years:


Last night when my lovely daughter woke me up for a midnight feeding, I literally screamed, "Ohmygosh! 'Liberian Girl!'" Husband almost fell out of the bed, and I almost peed my pants. Do you know how long it's been since I've s
een "Liberian Girl"!?! Have you ever seen it??? It's Michael's best unknown video, which showcases such talents as Olivia Hussey (YES! Juliet!), John Travolta (with a mullet), Olivia Newton-John, a tap dancing Mayim Bialik (pre-Blossom fame), Dan Aykroyd (on a Harley), STEVEN SPIELBERG, and, my silvery favorite, Ricky Schroder. The list could go on and on and on. The plot is, all of these superstars are waiting around to be in Michael's video, but THEY are the video, cause he's directing. Oh, it's rich. Try to find it on the interwebs, cause you'll have so much fun naming everybody. just got better...

Minutes ago MTV actually showed, in full, "We Are the World." Talk about goosebumps and tears. Both came simultaneously. It still looked as good as it did in 1985. Talk about '80's powerhouses: Kenny Rogers (handsome and pre-knife), Steve Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, Kenny Loggins, James Ingram, Kim Carnes--holla if you remember these people, cause they molded my youth. (And, speaking of Aykroyd, WHY is he in this again? Did Quincy and Michael love his singing voice? Something I've wondered since I was five.)

I think it's time to bust out some vinyl, so I'm going to be on my way...for now. I'm also gonna sit by the TV til I can see "Liberian Girl" again. If they only play it at 12:33 a.m., I'm gonna be ticked.

*Yes, the "M" stands for music. I wonder how many tweens know that.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to Say?

This is how I remember Michael Jackson. I would open up my Thriller album almost daily and kiss the centerfold picture. I thought he was so cute! My little 3-year-old bro would make fun of me, but I didn't care. Thriller was the first album I remember taking pride in owning. Sure I had Sesame Street and Disney LP's before that one, but Thriller was the beginning of my own choice music collection.

The King of Pop had some bad times, some REALLY bad times. We all know it, and we can't deny the weird choices he made. But the fact remains that Michael Jackson was one of the most influential solo pop artists of all time. At his prime, he was breathtaking. The moves, the voice, the outstanding contributions to pop music cannot be denied.

I'll miss him. In fact, I've missed him for years already.

*I'm sorry I have to say this before I go: I just hope this isn't some weird publicity hoax, because let's face it, he's had some really twisted ideas lately.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Doctor Who News, Part II: Christmas in June!!!

BBC America will FINALLY start airing the final specials starring current Doctor, David Tennant. Set your DVR's for this Saturday, June 27, to view the 2009 Christmas special, "The Next Doctor." Now I don't usually adhere, or approve of, watching Christmas shows/movies when it's not Christmas (especially in June or July), but I'll make an exception for this first of four Doctor Who specials. The next special, "Planet of the Dead," will air a few weeks later. Click HERE for the BBC America rundown.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor Who News, Part I: New Companion is Ginger!

I guess it fits that the new Doctor Who gets a new companion. Her name is Karen Gillan, and she's quite hot. I'm sure she'll be on the cover of British Maxim and FHM soon. Click HERE to read more about her. She'll join new Doctor, Matt Smith, in the new season (Spring 2010). As for us Tennant fans, there are still two specials left to air on BBC, and then we must bid farewell. *sigh*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't Hate: Appreciate

You few who read know that I love me some pop music: always have, always will. My love for pop started with my two aunts, Barb and Becky, who would always be blasting the Oldies in the car while tooling my little butt around. One of my first loves was Davy Jones of the Monkees, and their show was, and still is, one of my absolute favorites. I loved seeing their goofy antics rerun on Nickelodeon, and their fun-filled music "videos" during the show always put a smile on my face. In fact, I own the two seasons on DVD and still watch the shows with a grin.

Why did I go into all of that? Because there's a new show on the tube that follows in the vein of the Monkees. All of the characters use their real names, get involved in hijinx, and their music is incorporated into the storylines (no matter how far-fetched the incorporation may be). Yes, everyone, I'm talking about the Jonas Brothers. I've tried to stay away from them as long as I could, because, honestly, I knew I'd fall for their poppy beats and quirky antics. I've seen a few episodes of their Disney show, JONAS (yes, it's in all caps), and like the Monkees, it's/they've gotten the best of me. Because the show is so similar to the Monkees is why I enjoy it.

And, people, they seem like nice fellows. (I'll await word from Catherine to find out if this is true.) They're trying to woo lovely young ladies, singing their sweet, chaste little hearts out, and they are doing some patented fun, goofy, innocent Disney scripts along the way. The only downside for them? The Mouse now owns their backsides. Like the Duffster and Miley Montana before them, let's see how hard it is for them to get away from their Mouse personas. Or, maybe they really are that sweet and don't mind turning their souls over to the Disney.

Two words of advice, though: teeth whitener. If you've caught a glimpse of these teen heartthrobs, you know what I mean. Zing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where's Padma!?!

Top Chef: Masters started tonight. I was quite stoked, having gotten quite addicted to Top Chef through some mind bogglingly long marathons seen on Bravo over the past few weeks. BUT, there's no Padma! How can you have Top Chef: Masters with no Padma? What did she do? Did Calicchio get mad at her having all the hot screen time? I could do some internet research to find out, but as stated in the previous post, I gots a kid now, and I don't have time to shuffle through internet gossip. So, if anyone knows and cand just leave me a comment, I'd be really grateful.

Anyhoo...I'm ticked. The new chick is definitely not as hot. I guess I'll have to give her a chance to let her charisma shine through. Come back, Padma. :(

Where Have I Been?

Most of you who read (all five of you) know that I've been quite busy. It's been a long absence for me from the ole blog, because I've been busy getting used to life as a new mommy! (I'm especially trying to figure out how long to let her sleep and when to force her to stay awake, even when bawling her head off. Any advice would be appreciated!)

Alba Elizabeth was born on May 27, 2009, at 3:37 p.m. She shares her birthday with her great uncle Andy, and while I was hoping she'd share her birthday with Jimmy Stewart, she gets to share it with one heck of a guy who'll actually know and love her. She's absolutely wonderful; she's everything a first baby should be. She's beautiful, lovable, huggable, and perfect. We are absolutely in love with her and cover her with millions of kisses everyday. She's got one great pair of lungs in her, cause when she's mad/hungry/wet/poopy, she'll definitely let her know. I could go on and on and on, but I don't want to bore you too much.

She's taken over BBB! headquarters, so our posts might soon be few and far between, but it'll be for good reason. We'll try our best to keep abreast of Twilight and Doctor Who news for our large readership, but if we fall behind, please forgive us. :)