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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Coloring is a Thing!

I love to wander around bookstores.  It's my favorite past time.  I really love to do this around the holidays: all the new, shiny books are out, people are hustling and bustling and talking about possible books to buy, and the shelves are always PACKED with loads of tomes for the customers to peruse and purchase. 

Here's my other favorite past time (that I don't get to do much of anymore): coloring.  I love to color.  I always have.  I used to take a coloring book with me wherever I went.  I'd take one with me when I went to visit my cousin in Missouri (this was as an adult, mind you).  I vividly remember one time, not long after her father's death, when we sat around her kitchen table coloring, talking, and pretending that we were kids again.  I took coloring books with me to Scotland when we'd visit, and I'd even take them to staff meetings.  Even though it might have looked like I wasn't paying attention, because I was coloring, it helped keep me focused.  I am "that person" who needs to be doing something at all times: when I would color, I could still hear what everyone was saying and process the info. 

I've heard whispers of these "adult" coloring books: relaxation coloring, mandala coloring, whatever coloring.  But, the real impact this is having on our culture didn't hit home until I was browsing through Barnes & Noble last week.  "Adult" coloring books EVERYWHERE.  I mean everywhere.  On each table display, there was an adult coloring book that went with it.  There was a magazine endcap with adult coloring magazines.  Now, today on my Facebook feed, I see there's a Doctor Who Coloring Book

I don't know.  It's just weird to me...that coloring is all of a sudden a fad.  It should never be a fad.  It should always be there, waiting for you.  All of a sudden, since it has "adult" in front of it, it's okay for me to do it?  Whatever.  It's been okay for me for years and years...for over 30 years when I come to think of it, but I'm so glad it's socially acceptable again??  I'll probably break down and buy one eventually, but I need someone to help fund the expensive super fine point markers you HAVE TO BUY to go with it.  Ain't no Crayola gonna work on those.   So, for now, I'll just stick to coloring my Superman and My Little Pony coloring books.


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