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Monday, April 28, 2008

Viewing, Part II

You all know I pride myself on being upbeat, positive, happy, jovial, etc., but if you beg my pardon I must lapse for a mo.

For some reason I can't even remember three days on, we decided to watch Quentin Tarantino's "DeathProof" Friday night. I think I remember saying I wanted to watch it, but now I have no idea why I said that. And, as my loving husband next to me reminds, I was given multiple chances to stop the viewing. But here's the thing: if I hadn't viewed the entire "film," I couldn't critique it now.

Tarantino's dialogue-rich scenes were so mundane and ordinary that I found myself wanting to gouge my eyes out. Maybe Cori is right: maybe I am a sexist, cause if I had to hear one more useless conversation between Quentin's "Girls" I was also going to extract my brains with a spoon. And you know Quentin was so proud of himself for finding a Kiwi stunt artist, who no one has ever heard of, to play herself. I must be a really bad person for being happy when the ladies in the first half of the film bought it. I was giggling, cause I don't know the last time I hated three characters more (...I think I just hated them for being so flipping BORING). During the whole film, I was also thinking how proud Uncle Quentin was of his trademark too- cool-for-school soundtrack. I hated myself for enjoying the little-known-tracks he had dug up from his basement, hand-selected to fit each scene perfectly.

The best part? Kurt Russell by far. The 20 minutes he was actually in the movie were the most enjoyable. I just kept thinking what a long way he's come from making movies for Uncle Walt. This computer doesn't wear tennis shoes anymore...he wears a*@ kickin' boots, man!

Hey, maybe Tarantino's too advanced for me...maybe I'll look back on this in 23 years and think, "Oh, yeah, I got it." But I doubt it. After this effort and "Kill Bill," he may have made my Woody Allen/ Never to Watch List.

And why is there a picture of "Cloverfield" here? Cause I think I've decided I'd rather see that again than ever watch a frame of "DeathProof" a second time.

rant: fin.

A Week's Worth of Viewing

What does this list say about me? I dunno--you be the judge. (More importantly, how do you think Depp would feel sharing the same DVD player with Dolly Parton???)

Sweeney Todd--What a romantic gift from a loving husband! Let's so slash some, I mean make some pies.
Juno (x2)--Yes, twice in one week.
Coal Miner's Daughter--Have I ever mentioned how much I love Loretty? No, you don't think so? Then you haven't been paying attention.
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade--Less than a month til Crystal Skull, so I gots to get ready, yo.
Nine to Five--Um, what else do you expect me to watch after Dolly Parton night on Idol?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's in Your Car?

What's rockin' in your stereo? Well, check out my fresh selection:

1. NKOTB: No More Games (The Remix Album)--Oh, you know it! Keepin' it real with the Kids. Gotta get ready for the new album. This remix album is flippin' sweet. But, skip "Valentine Girl," cause really, who needs to hear D-Wood sing?2. RENT: Original Broadway Cast--Fan. Tas. Tic. The original is still the best. This changed my life in '96. Every word, breath, and beat were quickly committed to memory.

3. THIS Makes Me Smile (aka, I Love This Song)--A super fresh mix made by yours truly. This sees the full range of any musical spectrum: Johnny Cash & June Carter, Aretha Franklin & George Michael, Huey Lewis & the News, the Beastie Boys, Van Halen, and even American Idol castoff Michael Johns. It's delicious.

4. Doctor Who: Original Music from Series 3--The music from last season was outstanding. I knew I needed to own it when the music would be floating through my head days after watching an episode. Rarely can you say that about TV show music.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

WHOA! Where Have I Been!?!

What up, faithful few? And even though you are few, how much I love you! Spring is here, class is winding down, and all the kiddies have Spring Fever! I'm getting a major case of ADD: I don't know how many times in the last week I've told myself to sit down and bliggety-blog, but then I forget two minutes later! Oh, well. I guess I've been too busy watching the Cubbies. ;)

Hope you all tuned into Sci-Fi's premiere of "Voyage of the Damned" Friday night. If you forgot your weekly dos
e of the Doctor Friday, don't forget to tune in for the start of the brand new fourth season this coming Friday. Woo-hoo!

And, one more date to add to your roster: August 5 will see the fourth season of "Family Ties" arrive on DVD. (Seriously, creators of "Growing Pains," why aren't you keeping up with the Keatons!?!) Check out the super fine cover art below. How flippin' cute is MJF??? This was the season his bride-to-be made her debut on the show, too. Also on board is Mallory's best BF, Nick. Oh, they certainly were a dim-witted pair.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Important Spring Dates

APRIL 18--Get those TiVo's ready: it's time for the Doctor! Sci-Fi will premiere Doctor Who's fourth [new] season. The Doctor had Donna in tow again, and we'll all see how that pans out. (I have to admit, I'm more scared now than excited about that one.) Sci-Fi will start the fourth season presentation with the awesome Christmas special, which co-starred everyone's favorite Aussie, Kylie Minogue. And for those of you who missed my December review, this ride on the Titanic was much better than Jim Cameron's. Check out Sci-Fi's Doctor Who site for more info.

MAY 16--NKOTB will be premiering their new tunage exclusively on NBC's the Today show. I can't wait to see what the NEW cover art looks like (or they could just pull out some vintage classics like the one at right)! I can't wait to hear the new tunes they started recording in August of '07! I can't wait to see them--dance? Um, maybe not that last one. Their site is outta control with radio dates, concert dates (YES, concert dates), and other brand new info that went up today. Check it out.

JUNE 3--School's out! (OK, technically it's not Spring, but the beginning of summer. It's still an exciting date to look forward to...even if I do have GREAT kids this year.)

NKOTB on the Today Show: A Review

The boys looked so good on the Today show today (that sounded awkward). And, yes, they are still being referred to as New KIDS on the Block. Donnie is definitely in charge of this show. If you see the tape, it's almost as if he's already back in his show-closing harness, swinging above the audience to "Hangin' Tough." He took the mike and led the brief Q&A led by everyone's [un]favorite, Meredith Viera. They promised an exclusive May premiere of new material on the Today show, and they also promised some dance moves. (Yes, 40-year-old Jon will be dancing.) Speaking of Jon...I was so proud of him when he spoke! He's conquering that extreme social anxiety he's struggled with for years. Good on you, Jon! No more real estate ventures for you, ole boy; you're headin' straight back to the top. (I hope that's where they're headed.) My favorite bit? When Jordan said his sign. It was like listening to their first album all over again.

However, this joyous reunion also had a mixed bag of emotions for me. It was a really weird day to be celebrating, because today marks the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr., being assasinated. There were all these middle aged women on the streets of NYC screaming at the top of their lungs for the former loves of their adolescent lives. It was rather surreal; the women there probably didn't even know what date in history today commemorated. One of the most awkward moments of TV history also occurred when Meredith sent it to Al Roker in Memphis right after the NKOTB interview wrapped. Big Al was waiting with Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss the march taking place for Dr. King today in Memphis. NBC could have done a little bit better than an abrupt transition from NKOTB to Sharpton. Even a commercial break in between would have made it less cringe-inducing.

NKOTB Official Flickr Photo Stream
--This is where I got the sweet photo above.
NKOTB Official Website

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Catching Up with Old Friends

Who didn't love "Parker Lewis Can't Lose?" I know I did, and man how I wish it would come out on DVD. Today I got to catch up with Corin "Corky" Nemec, the star of said FOX hit, in an episode of "Smallville." I don't know how, but I missed this episode the first time around, and I was well pleased to find 1) an ep I hadn't seen and 2) Parker Lewis himself as the deranged, vindictive acquaintance of Lex Luthor (first season). Corin plays freak well. I would love to see him crop up on more shows in the near future.

Also caught the horror remake "Shutter" at the cineplex tonight.
Hey! Get out my face! I love freaky, moody, what's-gonna-pop-up horror, NOT bloody, sadistic, gross Rob Zombie horror. Anyway..."Shutter" was great and seeing Dawson's old buddy, and better half, Joshua Jackson was a great treat. He's cool: way cooler than VDB, and Pacey's a much better name than Dawson. (Jackson, Charlie to me [get that reference], was the only part I liked in the six episodes of the Creek I saw.) The movie had plenty of freaky-deaky parts in it, and I couldn't go to the basement by myself to do laundry (the hubby had to come with me). Check it out if you can.

All in all, a great day to catch up with old TV chums. Who will possibly crop up next?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I wasn't going to post this yesterday, cause I didn't want anyone to think it was an April Fool's joke:

BBB!'s beloved New Kids on the Block will be on the Today show this Friday, April 4!

And check out this new photo that hit the ethers/ebays/internets today:

That is way H-O-T-T! I mean, even Danny looks good (well, OK anyway). We here at BBB! prefer this look much more than the gangster look of 1994's "Face the Music." That was just icky. Anyway, here's the official website again if you still haven't checked them out lately: