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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Know You Were Curious...

...So here it is! My Top 10 Halloween Movie* List! Don't think this was easy, folks. I had to cut out Van Helsing, Blade, and the Lost Boys. But, the cuts have been made, and here is the final list:

10. Hocus Pocus: Yep. You read it right. That Bette Midler-Sarah Jessica Parker-Kathy Najimi Salem witch trio is tops for kids...and grown-up kids like me. I still remember when I saw it with Cori at the GKC at Country Fair.
9. Scream: What can I say? I still love it, and I can quote it (sad but true). That opening is still tops. And don't you forget that you used to be scared of that mask the first time you saw it.
8. Monster Squad: Although I rave about it, it's a bit too corny and straight-to-videoish to be #1. You should still try to get your hands on it, though!
7. Amityville Horror (remake): C'mon! Have you SEEN the original? Margot Kidder scares me more than the house, and Brolin, though bearded up and fetching, is still crazy AWAY from the house (which doesn't make any sense). I much prefer the freaky Ryan Reynolds vehicle from 2004. (OK, I'll say it: and he's RIPPED.)
6. Sleepy Hollow: Johnny Depp is, well, spectacular as Ichabod Crane. This Tim Burton Halloween masterpiece came out on my birthday in 1999. (Cori, my apologies again for making you go.)
5. The Omen: Love the music; love the devil kid; love the fact that Gregory Peck is in a horror film.
4. The Grudge: I don't care what my brother says: those freaky Asian kids scare the you know what outta me. Don't like it when scary, pasty kids with wide open black mouths pop out of nowhere! Don't like it at all.
3. Shaun of the Dead: FANTASTIC! Even my homie Dave could watch this horror homage and not get scared. It's a laugh a second and top-notch. If you haven't seen it yet, kick yourself. It'll also give you new and exciting ways to utilize a cricket bat.
2. Interview with the Vampire: My favorite demon and my favorite Cruisazy all wrapped into one. I was so excited to hear that Tom Cruise was going to play a vampire when I was in 7th grade that I ran out and bought Anne Rice's novel. I couldn't comprehend it that well, but I was ready when the film dropped a few days before my birthday in 1994. To this day she still apologizes for thinking Cruise couldn't fill the shoes of Lestat; shame on her. (When Scientologists put their minds to it, they can accomplish anything.)
1. Poltergeist (which you alredy know if you paid attention to the above picture): My Auntie Shrew used to let me watch it on HBO when I was little. I would run and hide around the corner. When she would threaten to turn it off, I'd creep back out. It doesn't scare me anymore (OK, except for the stuffed clown bit), but it's probably my favorite Halloween season movie (well, it better be, since I put it at #1).

*Disclaimer=They aren't all about Halloween, but I always watch these during the season. Also, since it's movies, you won't find Charlie Brown...Sorry!

Happy Halloween!

Well, I tried to write this post from work, but apparently Unit 4 won't let you whistle while you work. So, even those this is belated and the day almost over:

Happy Haunting!!!

I have had a lovely and frightening day: we watched "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" at school, and my reading class read selections from Alvin Schwartz' popular Scary Stories series.

This official BingBongBoom! message comes from our headquarters in the 'Paign, where the above village is the cornerstone of our humble offices. I hope you all have a frightfully night filled with ghoulish fun. Unfortunately, part of your horror-filled evening will not include partaking in Aunt Sandy's tribute to gay icons, since Food Network is doing absolutely no evening Halloween selections (except Emeril, and even he is too scary for me). You'll have to visit Food Network Addict to see shots of her Cher, Madonna, Barbra, and Liza costumes. They were like buttah(-laced vodka, straight up)!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Why I'll Always Own a VCR

Two simple words: "Monster Squad." Until that comes out on DVD, I'll always own a VCR. Years ago, my homie, Cori, got it for my used on eBay. Since then I have cherished this used copy, and I only watch it once a year. I try to preserve the fragile tape as best I can: always keep it in its box, always put it on the shelf when done, never throw it around.

It's one of the best, most influential movies of my youth. Yeah, I said influential. How else would I know how to kill mosters from the past? I remember watching it at Aunt Cathy's house when I was little with all my Eads cousins gathered round. To this day, if I find someone who has seen this gem of a film, an instant bond is formed. Kendra and I wholeheartedly agree on this point. Since no video stores carry VHS anymore, except the mom and pops in small towns (maybe you can still find it in Warsaw), then you'll probably never see it.

I feel so sorry for you.

And now...the Top 10 +2 Reasons to Watch "Monster Squad:"

1. Find out what makes Fat Kid fat.
2. See Jason Hervey as an abusive bully before he played abusive bully Wayne Arnold on "Wonder Years."
3. Wolf Man does, in fact, have nards.
4. Learn how to draw a Spider with a Human Head.
5. Figure out the only way how to kill a Werewolf (if you think there are two ways, you are WRONG).
6. Learn the difference between "prescription" and "discrimination."
7. Fergie's not the only one with a career outside of "Kids, Inc." Check out Ryan "Rudy" Lambert.
8. See some of Hollywood's most stunning montages ever put onto celluloid (one each teaches you how to make silver bullets out of your mother's silverware).
9. Learn basic German from the "Harry Truman guy."
10. You'll finally find out what a "vershen" is and how she can save you from Limbo.
11. Frankenstein really is a nice guy.
12. You'll finally discover that "ALUCARD" is the anagram for Dracula.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Rudebox" is Here!

Well, it's not technically here, because we're the US, and why should we be able to listen to good music? What I'm saying is this: "Rudebox," Robbie Williams' new release, is out there ready for you to purchase. Get it on RIGHT NOW...or wait for my review on November 19 to find out what I think. Then you can decide if'n ya unt it*.

*However, I wouldn't wait. I'd risk my money and get it ASAP. Haven't you been reading my posts??? He's the best thing you don't know about!

Boxing Day

Looks like my boys are comin' to the DVD! The day after Christmas, MTV's smash hit, "Two-a-Days," will be available on DVD. My awesome husband sent me the info from See, he makes fun of what I watch, teases me mercilessly, but still loves me enough to tell me when my stuff's out. He's the best!

Oh, if you haven't seen it yet, check out Alex' Trump sweep in the pic (second from right). What IS up with that??? It's hot, least it is in 'Bama.

Thursday, October 19, 2006



(The poster below has October 27, but if it comes to Champaign tomorrow, it must come everywhere.)

What Else? LOST!

Top 8 Reasons* Why This Week's Episode of LOST Rocked:

  1. Desmond was wearing one of Hurley's big shirts.
  2. Locke built a sweat lodge, cause he just knows how to do that kinda stuff.
  3. Boone was around in his first ever relevant episode...and he's dead.
  4. Two new characters were introduced. Did you blink? Cause if you did, you missed 'em.
  5. It had creepy Hank from "Twin Peaks" as a creepy, middle-aged weed dealer. (Type casting, anyone?)
  6. Desmond can see the future!?! He gets better each week.
  7. Locke was the flashback...and that's really all you need for any episode of LOST to rock.
  8. Two words: Locke's vision.
*Cause I couldn't think of 10.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gettin' Round to It

After much, MUCH belittling from my brother, I'm finally getting around to "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I'm instantly drawn to Sarah Paulson's character, a devout Christian who does harsh comedy against the religious right and doesn't mind poking fun at her faith's most extreme followers (Pat Robertson, for example). It also has Sting singing one of my Madrigals staples, "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming," from high school. I've seen hardly any Matthew Perry yet, which is my bro's favorite. (He says Perry's quite funny when not on "Friends.") I really enjoy the random lobster guy hanging around the background.

We'll see if I'm thrilling about it at the end. Right now, I think it has potential to make my viewing list. (A lot more than "30 Rock" anyway. That was bo-ring!) Hey, there's definitely room now that "Smith" is gone.

Lil bro also wants me to watch "Friday Night Lights" some more. I love me my "Two a Days" and "Varsity Blues" (which I just bought for $7 at Best Buy!), but I was bored at the first episode. I know I need to give it a second go, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Kyle Chandler is his usual adorable self, and I think that's what I'm having troubles with: he's no Rush Probst...yet. OK, I'm getting excited talking about the potential, so I'll watch tomorrow night. Maybe I'll just go to right now and watch "Friday Night Lights" and "Studio 60" simultaneously. Now that would be an accomplishment.

I hate having my brother be right...all the time. I should be used to it by now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Warm Fuzzies

At times I feel like I could set feminism and the women's movement back a hundred years. I love to cook, clean, and keep house. If I could, I would totally quit my job and become a housewife. In fact, cooking is one of the things that brought me comfort and calm after Uncle Clark passed away.

Today I spent the afternoon putting up Halloween decorations and going to the store. I took great care in picking out the week's food supply, since my in-laws from Scotland will be here. As I think over the next week's menu, I get excited anticipating putting the recipes together with love.

This evening I played some games with my husband and his friends, and then I had an overwhelming desire to make chocolate chip 10 o'clock at night. I delighted in seeing their faces when I presented the warm, chewy morsels of goodness to them. After I had delighted their tum-tums with yummies, I proceeded to clean the kitchen with great care...And I didn't mind doing this.

Finally, as I get ready for bed, I look forward to tomorrow's activities: cleaning the laundry, putting up some final Halloween decorations up, and making sure the house is in ship shape cleanliness for the Scottish invasion. Martin calls it being house proud and that I should lay off. But, I love taking care of everyone and everything; it brings me joy caring for them; it's how I show my love for them. So, if anyone was a six-figure job Martin could do, let me know, for then my dreams of becoming a housewife can come true...Well, I suppose I would miss teaching eventually. Give me a plan for that, too.

Rest In Peace

I don't know if it's the first one to go, but my husband told me tonight that "Smith," the CBS thief drama starring Ray Liotta, has been cancelled. I feel so bad. After the first week's blah premiere, I went back to the "Denny Crane Show" (see Sept. 26 post) which was on in the same time slot. It's all my fault. Well, I know it's not really my fault, but I wanted Jonny Lee Miller to have some steady work! Actually, I blame Amy Smart. She couldn't have been more bored in that role if she tried. She seemed ticked off to be on television, and her supposedly sultry robber who landed Jonny Lee in jail was never anything above lukewarm lame. Oh, well. I guess we'll never know if Virgina Madsen was still doing drugs behind Liotta's back, or if she really knew what Liotta did for a living. Wait, I'm bored just wondering about it. No wonder it got canned. (Still feel bad, though. I'm a complicated soul.)

RayRay Has Made It!

It's now official: Rachael Ray is a home name, celebrity star! She has made it on to the cover of the National Enquirer! Apparently her ex-boyfriend tells all about the tragedy of her life: why she's unable to have children.

Her Harpo-produced show must really be puttin' her up a notch in the anals of American stars. Check out your local newstand/store checkout lane to see the story (that's where I saw it). Now, if she could only cross over to the Brits across the pond...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It Doesn't Get Much More Random Than This

Last night I found myself with an overwhelming, inexplicable urge to watch the classic 1983 mini-series "The Thorn Birds." As I said, I have no idea where it came from, but all of a sudden I wanted to be thrown into the world of Father de Briccasart (I spelled that correctly without even consulting Wikipedia!) and Meggie Cleary.

I was three when it originally aired, and thanks to my Auntie Shrew, I fell in love with the painted Richard Chamberlain portrait on the cover of the novel. (Yeah, who knew he was gay anyway? Oh, wait, did you see him in "King Solomon's Mines?" Then you would've known.) Aunt Barb always talked about it, and I had vague memories of seeing bits of it from 1983 (I sometimes have a freakishly good memory). So when it aired on ABC for its 10th anniversary, I was ready! It was on during the summer, so I got to see every night. I was delighted
with the week-long extravaganza!

Oh, the desire! Oh, the sin! I wanted Father Ralph to succumb to his love and lust for Meggie and denounce his priesthood. WHY!?! Why did I want this man of the cloth to give up everything he believed in for this woman? I still don't know. Thinking about it rationally I know it's wrong to root for them to get together, but I still do every time. Oh, when they have that first kiss in the barn after the fire! Such want and need isn't put on celluloid anymore! Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward could have set the film on fire! (By the way, her voice is so deep! The first time you hear her speak in episode 2 it just doesn't fit. Meggie's not supposed to talk deeper than Father Ralph. Ah, well.) I love it from beginning to end--yes, even the Mare Winningham parts in between. (She was dreadful as Meggie's only daughter. I didn't like her anymore than Meggie did.)

They just don't make 'em like "The Thorn Birds" anymore. (The theme song was also great! I recently downloaded it from iTunes.) The mini-series on TV now aren't half as sappy, soap opera-y or long. Just promise me to never, ever, NEVER see "The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years." It was absolutely one of THE most dreadful things I ever sat through...or at least through 30 minutes. There's just something about those 80's romance mini-series that makes the chick flick side of me come out. Anyone up for a little "North and South???"

(Oh, Barb, if you're looking for it, I still have that copy of your book. I guess I just don't want to give Father Ralph up without reading it again.)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sometimes the Hype is Right

All's I gots to say is I'm glad SNL is still worth something.

Throughout the summer whenever I turned on MTV or VH-1, they were hyping this new British artist, Corinne Bailey Rae. Her first single, "Put Your Records On," was somewhat catchy. The video was this cute li'l Brit thing (see left) running through the summery summer fields and biking through bright, shiny countryside. I thought both song and video were mediocre at best.

Then, li'l cuz Kendra and I caught her on SNL on, well, Saturday night. (I fell right into that one.) We were blown away with her angelic, light, lilting voice. It was so soothing and comforting: just her and a gee-tar. It was stunningly beautiful in my opinion; much better than the first single. We ran out and bought the CD the next day. It's absolutley lovely.

On one song she comes dangerously close to sounding like fellow Brit songtress Sade, but I can forgive her that. I still love the opening track, "Like a Star" (the cut we heard on SNL), the best. (I hate it when I fall for the opening song, cause that's what they want you to do.) I think you should give her a shot, but that's just me.

Click here to order her self-titled debut from Amazon.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Justice in the World

In this age of some of the worst movies ever put on celluloid ever (the neverending string of Lionsgate horror films, the recent vehicles of both Eddie Murphy ["Norbit"] and Robin Williams ["RV" and "Man of the Year"], and my vote for worst movie ever made, "Last Kiss"), it makes my heart jump for joy to tell you that Martin Scorsese's newest film, "The Departed" (previously mentioned on BingBongBoom!) beat out "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" this weekend at the box office.

Here's some more good news:

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker is the newest film in the style of Spy Kids. But here's the clincher: it has Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, Robbie Coltrane, and Mickey Rourke (yes, THE Mickey Rourke). It hits theaters this Friday, October 13. I think it looks fun!
The Prestige will finally be released on October 20!!!
Borat will be arriving at your local cineplex on November 3. Can't wait to see what the southland thinks of that one! I also can't wait to see Borat in his man-thong on the big screen.
Happy Feet is going to be here just in time for my birthday: November 17. I don't care if they are animated and Robin Williams is back to doing more kiddie voice overs: there are penguins singing AND dancing.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Salinger Boys Make Good

Tonight sees the premieres of LOST and NINE. (Um, I like capitalizing one-word titles. Leave me 'lone.) I love the fact that both main Salinger boys from "Party of Five" will now be found on ABC. The year LOST started, I was surprised Charlie Salinger, oh, I mean Matthew Fox, had re-surfaced (no pun intended) as the lead of this mysterious drama. That same season, Bailey Salinger, or Scott Wolf (one of my many crushes, right, Catherine?), started to appear on the WB's "One Tree Hill" (...or was it "Everwood?" I'm sorry, but I'm just not concerned with those WB/CW shows). It was great to see both Salingers bounce back from their defeated family FOX drama.

We all knew "PO5" (yup, I did just abbreviate it that way) was cozy, com
fy, angsty family drama. (I.e., it had five seasons at best. Wait, what you say? It actually lasted 6!?! I was shocked when IMDB told me that, too.). The show thrived on fierce fans who loved the Salingers. I was a pseudo fan who loved the guys but was constantly irked by the ladies (Neve "I Only Act by Breathing" Campbell, Lacey "I Was the Best Whiner EVER" Chabert, and Jennifer Ugh Hewitt). I signed off by mid-season three but always looked for the Fox and the Wolf to spring up in random shows/movies.

I'll stop jibbering and conclude with this: I loved Matthew Fox' resurgence. I hope Scott Wolf can follow in his big brother's shoes in NINE. I'll be watching both tonight. And as soon as LOST is over, I'll be a major nerd, get on here, and start tip-tippy-typing away...That's how I roll (as my brother would say).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Unanswered Questions for Tomorrow's LOST Premiere (and if they're not all answered, J.J., I'm tunin' out*):

  1. What was that look between Jack and Kate at the end of the finale? Do people still go in and out of Pala Ferry (besides Michael and Walt that is)?
  2. Will Libby come back in another wig in another flashback?
  3. How will Hurley get back to camp without Jack, Kate, and Sawyer (okay, that wasn't fair; I'm sure he has a great sense of direction)?
  4. Is Sun pregnant with Jin's baby, or is she whorin' it up? Or, is it some fate of the island, like Locke and Rose's miraculous recoveries?
  5. Will Principal DeWitt, I mean Bernard, get more play?
  6. Who are the guys in the Arctic, and how long has Penny employed them? Are they actually looking for Desmond, or is her father's business involved with the Dharma Initiative?
  7. When will we get to see the other hatches?
  8. How many stupid, cryptic commercial tie-ins will there be this season? (OK, they were kinda cool, but those websites were just frustrating as all get out.)
  9. Will Martin ever actually watch a preview for the next episode?
  10. Are you ready, brother?

*=That was a bold, idle threat. I'll still watch even when they're never, ever answered.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Where Are You, Christopher Guest?

I first read about "For Your Consideration" in last March's "Premiere" early summer preview. (Yeah, um, I bought it cause Superman was on the cover.) They stated it was supposed to come out during the late summer months. I got my brother excited about it, I was excited about it, and he's asked me about it twice in the last month. I can't deliver the goods to him, so I ask you, when's my show coming out???

"For Your Consideration" is Guest's latest mockumentary. (BTW, he hates that word. He doesn't believe in mocking people.) This one is about a film cast who gets Oscar buzz for their film, and they start crossing their fingers they will get Oscar nods. This one seems in the vein of "Waiting for Guffman," which is my favoritest Guest film. This isn't the only reason I'm excited about it, though. Catherine O'Hara is at the center of this one, and Ricky Gervais, the Brit genius behind "The Office," was sought out by Guest to appear.

According to Wikipedia, it premiered at the Toronto Film Fest in September. I hope it'll be out by Christmas, because nothing says Christmas like Christopher Guest (just go with it). Oh, and I just really want to see, yesterday.

Party Like It's 1985

Just by saying this I'm jinxing us to Hades, but I have to say, it's been fun watchin' da Bears this season! They're only 4 games into it, and they're undefeated. All the pundits (and my homies) are already referencing 1985 and breakin' out their copies of the SuperBowl Shuffle (mine is downstairs if I need it). This all may be a bit premature, but dang it, we're having a good time.

Oh, by the way, if you're getting together with your homies to watch da one and only Bears, make this awesome RayRay meal: Chicken Sausage, pepper, and onion subs. You can't get down wit da Monsters of the Midway without eatin' some sausage! This was the perfect football game meal. It's super easy, pretty "healthful" (I hate it when RayRay says that--try healthy), and it'll keep you full all four quarters.