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Thursday, August 15, 2013

When My Two Worlds Collided

To begin...two very simple facts about me: I love Elvis.  I love Robbie Williams.

A third fact that not many know: Robbie Williams loves Elvis.  (Huge Hint #1: His tattoo that begs ELVIS GRANT ME SERENITY.  Huge Hint #2: He's claimed to pray to Elvis before shows to give him guts, though I don't know if that still happens, since the claim was made over a decade ago in the 2002 documentary Nobody Someday.)

The third fact makes the second fact more rigid and fundamental to my musical being.

My two musical worlds--classic, original rock n roll and new, thought-provoking-cynical-snappy pop--collided in 2005 with the release of Mr. Williams' video for his single Advertising Space (off of Intensive Care, which MIGHT be my favorite album from him--though his newest effort, Take the Crown, is making a run for the money).

Robbie's video for the single was a love letter to Elvis: he was an Elvis impersonator playing to an empty house Bingo crowd (which had to have been in Blackpool), trying to kiss a mannequin that resembled Priscilla on Vegas Wedding Day 1967, and ultimately leaving the pub downtrodden and rather defeated...sadly, kind of like the King himself. 

I love this homage Robbie paid to E.  I loved his pompadour, his hip-shakin' moves, and his silk EP monogrammed shirt, gold lame, AND '68 Comeback Special suits.  Rob hit all the right notes to let Elvis fans know that he is in fact one, too.  (He even had a blazing bullet blow out a TV screen!  Classic.) Check out the amazing video...and song...HERE.  

And, why post this now???  Tomorrow is the 36th anniversary of Elvis' passing THAT'S WHY. 

Friday, August 02, 2013


One June 30 I had another chance to see the greatest boyband* of all time...New Kids on the Block.  In preparation I did several things: made an NKOTB playlist for iPod and had my kids listen to it (they now sing along with (You Got It) The Right Stuff); read their OFFICIAL biography by Nikki Von Noy (sort of enlightening but really just a fun read); brushed off my dance moves and got my screaming voice in tune. 

Here are a few things I've pondered about the 5 Bad Brothers from the Beantown Land over the past couple of months.

1.  I am 33, and I think a small part of me is still in love with Jordan Knight.  Sad but true.

And, he also proves that men get better with age.  (SHEESH.  I really thought that top picture was H-O-T-T.)

2.  Have you ever REALLY studied and looked at the cover of Hangin' Tough?  I's kinda epic...for a boyband that is.  They ain't no cheesy posing.  No peace signs (those would come later, especially for Donnie D).  No arms wrapped around theyselves in a self-hug (you know what I mean).  Just five young guys on an NYC subway looking forward to their futures...that would be super bright.

3.  1988-1991 felt like an ETERNITY to my young self, but those 2 1/2 years of fame must have gone WAY too quickly for those five guys.  From nothing to everything to a joke.  It's sad how the entertainment industry savors someone for a second and then spits them out like they were the most disgusting thing they EVER ate.  I am not a fan of the likes of Justin Bieber, but I still feel badly for him and those like him when they are discarded so easily from the walls and hearts of teenagers and fan magazines.

4.  I have been trying to figure out why I still cheer for NKOTB so hard.  I think it comes down to this: I am a kid at heart.  My mother instilled this in me.  I still gleefully wait for Santa to come to my house, and I will always remember the first NKOTB biography I bought at Pages for All Ages bookstore.  (It was with a birthday gift card, and my cousin and NKOTB sister, Kendra, was by my side, helping me pick juuuuuuust the right one.)  They are a part of my childhood, a part of some of my happiest memories, so I am always going to love them.

5.  My biggest question I've been thinking about: When, OH WHEN, will they be in residence in VEGAS!?!  CAN YOU IMAGINE???  I mean, seriously...the Manilow, Donny & Marie, is just a matter of time.  I would MAKE my husband take me on his yearly pilgrimage to Sin City if the boys had a theater and nightly show.  I wouldn't even try to get in on his male bonding fun.  You'd know where to find me: at the pool, at the show, or sleeping off last night's fun with the Beantown Boys.

I will probably never meet these guys that have played such a pivotal role in my life.  And, I guess that's OK.  I mean, they couldn't be as great, kind, giving, and selfless as their biography made them out to be...
or could they?

*NOTE: I do NOT count the Beatles as a boyband.  I simply count them as the greatest BAND of all time.  In fact, if you think about it, NKOTB really did set the standard for what a boyband is today.