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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Find Some JOY

Sometimes life is rough.  A lot of negativity has entered our collective consciousness since President Trump has taken office.  I confess that I've had a lot of long weeks and tired nights, worrying about his Executive Orders and appointments. 

But, then.  But.  Then.  Something enters into your life to remind you how wonderful it still is. 

I think it was when Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were both sitting at the piano, dueting on City of Stars.  I mean, I was enjoying myself up to that point.  I love Emma Stone.  I love Ryan Gosling.    Seeing them act together again had been wonderful up to this point.  But it was this moment when I thought, "I am so glad to be alive in a world that has created La La Land."  Oh, you might think me to be a bit dramatic to make such a statement, but it brought me so much JOY.  The end of the film was hard for me to take: in fact, I had to run to the restroom after the film to ugly cry in a stall.  I understood the end, though, and why it had to happen, and because it was so real, because it represented what life throws at you and how important love is, and how vital it is to have someone believe in you and support you, is why I cried all the harder. 

I can't wait to see it again.  I can't wait to have it shine on my eyes and ears again.  In the face of fierce negativity and what sometimes seems like utter hopelessness, find something that brings you joy, and DO NOT be ashamed to revel in it.  Do not let others tell you that you shouldn't be happy in these uncertain times, because that, my dear ones, is pure rubbish.  My joy (besides my awesome husband and kids) is currently La La Land.  I hope you have one, too.