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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Every Party Has a Pooper

It's New Year's Eve.  Maybe my most unfavorite holiday of the year...well, definitely.  It means the end of Christmas and the end of Hallmark Original Christmas Movies.  It means the end of sparkly lights, jolly holiday cheer, and the BEST time of the year.  I'm usually a mess on New Year's Eve, and since Dick Clark's passing it's even worse.  (As if Seacrest could EVER replace that legendary man.)  On New Year's Eve, I try to make it a point to be at a party, with friends and wonderful Husband, but since that isn't in the cards this year, I'm forced to improvise...with a few important things, I'm sure this will be the BEST NYE in a long while.  I got three things in my corner that will help me overcome the depressing nature of this night: loads of pizza, a supremely handsome husband, and THREE beautiful children.

Pizza: Husband and Son have gone out to procure an obscene amount of pizza.  I will eat so much pizza I become sick.  That means I'll be focused on the pizza instead of the end of the holiday season.

Husband: He's handsome...downright so.  And in the last nine months he's been just simply AMAZING.  Taking care of me in my pregnant state, which was challenging this time, since I was also continually walking my large self around campus attending classes, trying to fulfill an assistantship, and pursuing a second Master's in Library Science.  He's also been taking care of all FOUR of us since #3 has entered our world.  This has been A LOT of work, since my C-Section has limited my mobility and usefulness around the house.  He is a CHAMPION HUSBAND/FATHER/FRIEND.  I love him.

THREE Children:  They are all beautiful, lovable, and complete blessings.  I can't believe how blessed we are.  They are just the bee's knees.  Words cannot describe how much I love them.

Pegg & Frost and McCarthy & Bullock:  Well, I didn't mention these earlier.  They are the fourth and fifth I have in my arsenal to help make this evening fly by with loveliness.  Pegg as in Simon; McCarthy as in Melissa.  Husband and I are having an "At Home Date" after the big kids are asleep when we'll eat said pizza...large quantities of...and watch At World's End and The Heat IF I can convince Husband.  He is not a fan of female antics, but I really, REALLY want to watch this gem to ring in the New Year.

I'll be signing off for now.  If you like NYE...well, good for you.  Hopefully by the end of this night I'll enjoy it a little bit more with my Arsenal of Five Wonderful Things to see me through.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It Was ALL a Ploy

In March of this year, we got a surprise: I was pregnant again!  Or, was it...

You know what the BEST part about having a baby in December is?  (Cause now since I have TWO December babies I feel that I'm qualified to write on this subject...)  HALLMARK.  CHRISTMAS.  MOVIES.

Yup.  Absolutely.  Nothing else having to do with smelling sweet heavenly baby scent or cuddling a wee bairn or seeing your two oldest become completely smitten with their new sister.  Yeah, it was NOTHING to do with any of those things.  It's all about the 24-hour-per-day Hallmark Christmas movies.  Oh...I have to go "feed" the baby...and watch more Christmas movies.  Be back in about...uh...45 minutes.

And, what happens between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm, when Hallmark Channel has on a double bill of their two-hour morning talk show, Home and Family?  Well, that's easy: Get a Christmas movie out of my Christmas Movie Bin.  What, you DON'T have one?

See, the joy of watching a HCM is that you can tune in at any time and know the plot within seconds...which is always the same.  You can settle in for an entire viewing, a few minutes when baby needs calmed down in the rocker, or for a mid-range 40-minute feed session.  You'll still walk away from the screen satisfied, saccharined out, and oh-so-jolly.

Yes, it's all been a ploy.  Surprise pregnancy just to get extra time to watch Christmas movies in December.  I love Christmas THAT much, y'all.

P.S.  Fir Crazy is definitely in the early run for best new Hallmark Christmas Movie of 2013.  I've already seen it twice...well most of it twice...and I LURVE it.