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Friday, July 24, 2009

Your New Religion

If you thought your affair with Scientology was good, think again! Tom Cruise ain't got nothin' on Ronald Chevalier. My lil cuz, Kendra from the Cape, has decided to devote her life and form a new following around the great Ronald Chevalier. In fact, we're both denouncing Christianity to devote ourselves to his great work, both artistic and literary.

Come: Join us!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, Jack White

Watch it. Go stand in line for it. Enjoy the music of it.

Doctor Who News, Part II: New Doctor, New Look

Every Doctor must have his own look, and here's the first shot of new Doctor, Matt Smith, and his fresh, new Doctor duds. Looks like #11 has a thing for bowties and tweed. Hmmm...don't know about that. Also get a glimpse of the hot new companion. Puuuurrrrrrr. ;)

And, by the way, how did Russell T. Davies manage to find the only man in the UK skinnier than David Tennant to be the next Doctor? If we only knew...

Doctor Who News, Part I: New This Sunday!Sunday!Sunday!

BBC America will be airing the second Doctor Who special, "Planet of the Dead," this Sunday, July 26, at 8/7 p.m. central.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Cause I'm too lazy to find stuff on the InterWebs, let's thank Sissy for finding this one for us.

Click HERE to hear the new Pearl Jam single, "The Fixer."

New PJ CD, "Backspacer," out September 20. Just go put the date on your calendar/in your Blackberry NOW.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've fallen into the depts of Vanity Fair's photo section, and I can't get out!!!

One gem of a photo gallery I found was this one: Heath Ledger Remembered. There are some great outtakes from his August 2000 cover shoot. (And, YES, I still have the issue--in tact and everything.) They also have some H-O-T galleries of today's, and yesterday's, greatest stars. Click HERE to check some of them out.

Should be Rated "T"...


When husband flashed these pics at me from Vanity Fair, I almost started to cry. I was so scared! I could not look at the Deppmeister full on. He's frightening. No child should see this movie. In fact, when I heard Tim Burton was making a new adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland," I knew two things: 1) Depp=Mad Hatter (I was right), and 2) it will be scary. From the pictures, it looks like I was correct with number two as well.

If you want to see more, go to Vanity Fair's website, or go get the issue on newsstands now. (It also has an article about Sweet Baby Heath's final days, so you can cry and cower at the same time.)

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Sorry...WHAT!?!?! to begin?

Sooooooooo, Jon is dating a new hottie: no surprise. Aaaaaaaaand, he's designing children's clothes with Ed Hardy!?! Seriously? Really?

I'll try to break it down for ya as simply as I can:

*The show's a train wreck, and therefore a dream come true for TLC and its sponsors.
*A family was destroyed by paparazzi, greed, and reality TV.
*Kate's a fashionista mom of eight with a tummy tuck.
*Jon's dating a nurse from the tummy tuck and designing the clothes with her input.
*And, it gets better, cause the kiddies will pimp daddy's designs in ads for the line. WOW.

I think I'm officially done with the Jon & Kate craze now. I'll just go hope and pray those kids end up semi-normal.

Not Sure How I Feel About This

Since I'm home with baby, Husband keeps me in tune with the world of pop culture these days. Today he sent me a very interesting link. My favorite chef, Jamie Oliver, will bring his healthy food campaign to America. This I LOVE! However, I'm not too sure about his co-host, the one, the only, Ryan Seacrest. Hmmm??? I don't know how I feel about this.

I've been using Jamie's 4-part series, Jamie's School Dinners, the last three years in my classroom. The kids watch it, see how horrible junk food is for them, and then write a persuasive essay telling the district to get us fresh food at school (of course the writing takes place with lots of persuading and bribing from myself). Now, there will be a new shiny series to possibly show, but that would mean I would have to watch Seacrest five times a day, for two days (how long we usually watch the original UK program).

What does Seacrest know about food? Maybe he has a deep, personal, private conviction to bring healthy food to the masses, and this is his chance to show everyone. But, Jamie and Seacrest-Out? It just seems like such the odd pairing. I guess we'll just have to wait til next year to see how this all pans out (no pun intended).

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Absolutely Delightful!

I'll admit I didn't watch "Castle" when it became a mid-season replacement on ABC. Even though it stars Nathan Fillion, one of my favorite actors of late, I didn't tune in. I thought, "How good could another detective/crime scene/police show be...even with the ever engaging Fillion at the helm?" Even with reliable source, Galen, saying it was the most entertaining new show on the airwaves last season, I still didn't turn the dial to watch the new cop dramedy. Well, I was completely stupid (ie, Galen was right--AGAIN), and I'm thanking my lucky stars that ABC is now re-running the entire first season on Saturday nights.

I am so lucky, because summer has become a dumping ground for stupid reality shows and game shows (no offense to my boys, Ant and Dec, for their ABC game show last summer, but it was horrible). The show is completely entertaining, and Fillion remains one of the most watchable and likable TV stars of the last decade. He is just all around entertaining, whether he's helming a spaceship, talking about his hammer, or helping hunt down baddies, I love him! Take a peek at "Castle," and you won't be sorry. The re-runs air on ABC, Saturday nights, at 10/9 central.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Neelys Take the Cake

What do you think this is?:

Well, if you guessed fried deviled eggs, you'd be correct. Let me say that again: fried deviled eggs. I threw up in my mouth as I watched FN's hottest couple, Pat and Gina Neely, make this dish. Seriously??? I don't even think Paula Deen would fry a deviled egg. And, because you both thought of frying something Pauler never would, you win the prize for unhealthiest cooks on FN. Congrats!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Remembering M.J.-Final Post

'Night, Michael. Thanks for the memories.

Remembering M.J.-5:00 p.m. Post, Part II

Sorry, husband, but I still like this better than Band Aid's "Do They Know it's Christmas?". I mean it has Kenny Squared (Rogers and Loggins), Steve Perry, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Miss Tina, Dan Aykroyd, and let's not forget AL JARREAU!

Remember M.J.-5:00 p.m. Post

Tis done. We've said goodbye to Michael Jackson. I won't lie: I shed a few tears (when the rolled out the casket, when Lionel Richie hit the stage, during the first montage, and during the We Are the World/Heal the World medley, and of course when Paris spoke). The Memorial was, well, um bittersweet, and it wasn't because it was a memorial service either.

The ole guys, Lionel, Smokey, and Stevie, were professionals. They got on stage, bid their farewells, and quietly walked off. The newbies, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and even Mariah and Brooke Shields, had my gall up. They had staged and rehearsed every "tear" and gesture to the heavens. You're right you guys, it is about you and not about the dearly departed. Whatever. I guess I should've expected it, but I didn't. The worst, though? Poor Jermaine. He couldn't even get the words right to Michael's favorite song, Smile. It was a travesty.

So, all in all, an okay service. Kinda glad I didn't hightail it to LaLaLand to be there. (Cause I totally could've with a 6-week old baby.) I bid you adieu, Michael. I hope you enjoyed your service, no matter how staged it was.

Remembering M.J.-Noon Post

Alright kiddies, BBB!, is now taking bets on how many posthumous Michael Jackson releases there will be. Tupac ain't got nothin' on Michael. I bet Michael outsells his dead butt by millions. Puffy/Diddy/Sean/Poppa Diddy Pop will produce them, and Tumberfoot will lend background vocals. They will be glorious.

I also want to know how much the free, gorgeous memorial book they're giving out at the Staples Center will sell for on the eBay. So, give me your guesses for that, too.

I want to send a shout out in this noon hour to my girl Catherine in L.A. Way to avoid that funeral procession from Forest Lawn Cemetery. You go, girl!

And, now, I'm off to glue my butt to my chair and watch the Memorial. Posts will resume shortly...or a bit earlier, cause I do NOT want to listen to Mariah Carey sing "I'll Be There." GROSS.

Remember M.J.-11:00 a.m. Post, Part II

Talk about someone who needs help with prescription drugs...

You know Liza's gonna be at the Memorial. How else would her face get out there? (I still love her crazy self, though.)

Remember M.J.-11:00 a.m. Post

Could Neverland be the next Graceland?

All minds point to YES.

Not since Elvis has a music artist been more loved than Michael Jackson. He touched countless people in the world through his music, and even I must admit he did something Elvis couldn't: he touched people of all races, cultures, ethnicities. Elvis' influence cannot be denied, but as a seasoned veteran of Candlelight Vigils at Graceland, Elvis is more beloved by Caucasians. Michael Jackson has influenced almost every popular singer out there today, and I dare myself to find someone who does not love at least one Michael Jackson song. Unfortunately, in my experience, the same cannot be said for Elvis.

It is just a matter of seconds before Neverland is made a registered national landmark, like Graceland is. The tours will commence as soon as the place can get cleaned up and a glossy new coat of commercialism be painted on its gates. Would I ever want to see Neverland? I think the answer is definitely YES. I want to see where Michael lived, was inspired, and found solace. I think it would be a great tour...starting at the bargain basement price of $50. Is the tacky strip mall of merchandising outlets up across the street yet? No? Give Joe a few more minutes. He does have a memorial service to attend.

Remembering M.J.-10:00 a.m. Post, Part II

Black and beautiful!!!

Even though he hated his nose and his teen acne, he still looks awesome (well, maybe minus the safari hat)! I would've had a crush on him if he went to my middle school.

Remember M.J.-10:00 a.m. Post

As I'm flipping through various channels, I'm starting to get disgusted with all of the media surrounding Michael Jackson's death/memorial/funeral. (Yeah, it only took me a week and a half, too.) There are so many random a-holes out there cashing in on this unfortunate event, and I hate to say it, but his nearest and dearest are part of that group. I mean, did you see Jermaine with Matt Lauer? Holding his tissue and dabbing at his eyes every so often? And, don't even get me started on the family patriarch, Joe Jackson, who on the red carpet of the BET Awards started talking about his latest production group. Oy vey.

This memorial service has turned into a "Jackson Family Production," and while I heartily believe that Michael would want all of us to remember him together, as one united group of fans, I don't think he would enjoy every Tom, Dick, and JOE getting money and attention from the remembrance. What to do, though? I'll be watching, so I guess I'm feeding into the frenzy. I give props to Elizabeth Taylor, though, who tweeted (yes, Liz tweeted) that she would not be a part of this media mayhem and would remember Michael at her home, in private. Maybe Michael's father should take a cue from his son's dear friend.

Remember M.J.-9:00 a.m. Post, Part II

Gypsies, tramps, and...Jacksons???

Thanks be to VH-1 for unearthing this gem!

Remembering MJ-9:00 a.m. Post

I can't remember a time in my life when there wasn't Michael Jackson. He's as prevalent in my life as Elvis or the Beatles. He's always been in my ears, molding my musical taste (hard hitting, get at your soul, addictive pop), whether it be on vinyl, casette, or CD. The images I have of him in my mind are iconic: a sparkly glove on the right hand, a red leather jacket, moonwalking across a stage, leaning almost to the floor and not falling down, a zombie dancing in jerky motions, and the list can go on and on.

Perhaps the thing I've been most sad about is the fact that I never got to see him live. As a girl, it was one of the only things I've wanted. I've known for a long time, however, even years before his death, that this would not come to be. The accusations that had swirled around Jackson for years took some of the glisten and gleam off of his aura, and I knew that I would never make it to a live performance.

Even though he had become somewhat of a national travesty in these last few years, you can NEVER deny what he did for music and what he did for millions of people around the world. Like Elvis before him, he revolutionized music. Pop music hasn't been the same since he put his stamp on it starting in 1970, and it will never be as great with him gone.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why America is AWESOME

Think only Americans think this grand land is the bee's knees? Well, think again! The BBC's American correspondent wrote a web article on why America rocks. After having visited the UK numerous times, I wholeheartedly agree with his numbers 1 and 2: they really need to get air conditioning and ice cubes. Oh, sure they have ice cubes, but they'll only give you 2 cubes in your drink; three if you ask for extra (which I do EVERY time). And, yeah, it doesn't get that hot in Scotland, but a London summer is a scorcher! Take advice from your correspondent, and your bastard brother of a country, and get these things sorted.

Click HERE for the awesome article about how awesome we are. Happy 4th, everyone!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Born on the Third of July

Happy Birthday to one of my childhood crushes, Tom Cruise! Now I know a lot of y'all think he's cuh-razy, but a man's religion is his choice (no matter how whacked out and weird it may be). I still enjoy Tom Cruise films, and his turn in last summer's Tropic Thunder should've gotten him an Oscar nod. (Why does the Academy always hate on the comedies??? Something doesn't have to be high drama to be a great film.) I always like watching some Cruise films on his big day, but seeing as baby is here and now in charge, I don't know if I'll get to do that.

So, why don't some of you go have your own mini-Cruise Fest without me? It's a great way to spend the day before the 4th. Here are my picks for the Cruise Fest you're about to have:

1. The aforementioned Tropic Thunder (start it off with some laughs, yo!)
2. Vanilla Sky (another stellar performance that people seem to ignore)
3. A Few Good Men (quickly becoming my favorite Cruise film)
4. Interview with a Vampire (I can't have a Cruise Fest without it)
5. Mission: Impossible (you can't have a Cruise Fest without some action)
*6. If you have time, go rent/Netflix/get Valkyrie. It really was an excellent flick, and I enjoyed it immensely (but I do want Singer to get back to making another Superman pic with Brandon Routh now).

Have a Cruisazy day!!!