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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Don't Need to Add This to the List

OK, after only two weeks and two viewings, I think it's finally happened: I'm kinda obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. The only time I've ever watched it before is in Scotland with the in-laws. I didn't even watch when Joey Joe McIntyre was on, but I've been glued to the DVR the last two Mondays. (Seriously, who needs all the commercials!?! Record and fast forward, people!) Three stars in particular are rocking my feet off:

New girl crush, Chelsea Kane.

Loved her in Jonas, always thought she was uber cute, and I had to watch her experimental jive twice it was so fine.

WWE hottie, Chris Jericho.

This may be introducing him to a whole new lady fan base. Boy can move: I'm proud of him! (As if I've had anything to do with this at all...I just think it's awesome he's getting props in a new realm of entertainment.) I was very impressed with quickstep, too.

Childhood love, Ralph Macchio.

I was in love with him for a hot minute the summer Karate Kid came out, and I wanted to beat his you know what when he mentioned he was almost 50. (I'm tellin' ya, ladies, it's not fair how men only grow more handsome and distinguished, while we wither away.) I was totally floored by his routines, and he was in FIRST after the first two weeks.

Will any of my ponies win? Maybe Macchio, but the first two are definitely out, since they have fanbase niches they probably won't break out of. I'll just have to keep tuning in to see them until they go. Oh, and Kirstie Alley and Hines Ward? WAY impressed: totally. Here's to another fad in my life...CHEERS!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By Any Other Name...

...he's just as awesome.

Call him Mal Reynolds. Call him Rick Castle. Call him Captain Hammer (you know what the hammer is). Heck, go back in the Way Back Machine and call him Joey Buchanan (what up, OLTL fans!?!). It doesn't matter: Nathan Fillion remains one of the coolest, awesomest, geekiest stars on the screen to date, and we here at BBB! love him.

We've devoted a post to him before, but with his fantastic cover story in this week's Entertainment Weekly, it looks like mainstream media is finally getting on board with the reason we still watch Castle. (Sorry, but would YOU watch that show without Fillion? I don't think so.) From singing catchy Whedon tunes to butchering slitering horror beasts to being the calm, quiet token male in a quaint indie flick, he's the bee's knees. We just hope he's finally becoming a household name after years of answering the question, "You like Nathan Who?"

BBB! salutes you, Mr. Fillion(...and that wunderkind Joss Whedon who gave you the big push into our households with the Firefly-Buffy, one-two punch)!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Marius, Oh Marius

Last Sunday, I caught the 25th anniversary performance of Les Miserables on PBS. (Steven Keaton would be so proud.) 15 years ago, when I was a young, impressionable high schooler, I saw the 10th anniversary show on the same local PBS affiliate, WILL. Of course both were shown during pledge time, to pull in the big bucks. (Again, Mr. Keaton would be proud.) I was mildly surprised to see 1/3 of the Brothers Jonas in this latest reincarnation of one of the best musicals ever. (Mildly, cause where else to go for a teen pop star than London's West End???) My review is most definitely mixed.

While I give young Nick mad props for trying to drop his pop-only image*, I think he was trying a leeeetle to hard to impress the audience. His face often looked pained while singing, and his falsetto was wavery and weak. He did a good job for a young 20-something, but I have Michael Ball in mind...the huge, gigantic voice of Michael Ball, whose performance in the 10th anniversary show made me goose-pimply. (His dimples may have helped in that.) I enjoyed seeing the show on PBS again, but the 10th anniversary concert show is far superior, all the way from Valjean to Eponine (the amazing Lea Salonga, who took over duties as Fantine this go-around) to the subject of this entry, Marius.

But, don't hesitate to do yourself a favor and catch this latest performance if your station throws it on again before pledge drive is over: It's still better than going to the Assembly Hall to see something. (ZING!)
*How I pray Bieber doesn't follow his lead and try to take over Broadway. I'd throw up in mouth.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kidz These Days

Once again I find myself wishing I could live in a place where these chaps are appreciated. It's Take That, by the way. Have you listened to Progress yet? Get on it, like, yesterday. At least I have the youtubes...and the CD my in-laws sent me.


...Growing Pains, season 2, is coming out on DVD April 26. (That's my grandfather's 82nd birthday, by the way, and I now I know juuuuuuuust what to get him.) There is no cover art on amazon yet, and season 1 came out on DVD FIVE years ago. I've been waiting and waiting. This better be no jive, or I'll pull a Tracey Gold and not eat until it comes out. (Seeing as I have a lot of baby fat to lose yet, this might be a good plan.)

If the news is true, we just need to get the ball rolling again for my favorite TV family ever, the Keatons. Seasons 1-5 came out, and then production came to a halt. Me wants 6 and 7, too! Help me relive my television youth, somebody...please!