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Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's my favorite awards night of the year, and it's the premier of my favorite show on TV. What to do? What to watch? Well, actually, I totally know what to do.

I am so stoked to revel in some Golden Globes tonight! I want to see the Bale win (I totally have him pegged to get a supporting actor award, cause he's too young and crazy to get the best actor statue yet). I also can't wait to see me some Gervais. He's been a close friend, since the ORIGINAL (and better) Office. We've been tight ever since, and it's great to see him bring his comedic genius to the American masses. And, once again, I love the GG's the best, cause they honor the best in TV and movies.

Then, I'm stoked to watch some Big Love on the parents' DVR. It's the last season, folks: playtime is OVAH. Season 4 was devoured in THREE DAYS. (That's what happens when there's only 9 episodes, and you're up all hours of the night and day feeding a wee one.) Season 4 blew my mind, and I cannot wait to see what the final season offers up.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another One Off the Market

All the single guys are going off the market, ladies. First it was Robbie Williams, and now it's our favorite Doctor, Mr. Tennant*. Tennant's reported to be engaged to former Who co-star, Georgia Moffett. (She is 13 years his junior, with an 8-year-old kid, but we're not one to gossip.) Coincidentally, Moffett is the daughter of our second favorite Doctor, Peter Davison, so one could say she's keeping it in the family. Hmmm? Something Freudian-fishy going on here???

On a separate note, I was a bit surprised to find this Who news reported on the MTV website. Guess this means Who is really becoming a part of mainstream American pop culture. About time!

*Thanks be to BBB!'s good friend, Alyssa, who informed us of the happy (?) news.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blood Brothers

My brother's in a critically acclaimed film, heralded during awards season, working with Christian Bale, and I'm touring with the Backstreet Boys. I'm totally okay with it. I mean, I got to ring in the New Year with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest...oh, and Ke$ha, too. I mean this tour thing, totally my brainchild, so joke's oh him...Yeah...joke's on him.