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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally Speaking Out

All I need is a voice.

Sure, I love the shows. Give me choreographed boys from Boston. Send me some uptempo fireworks from a legendary Liverpudlian. Import some breakdancing, bigger than big reunionized TT men. I'll even accept a larger than life Madge halftime show (when in the mood).

But all I really need is a voice.

That's what we got tonight. In an evening full of flashing lights, over-the-top Roman Catholic oneupmanship, neon paint splatters, and failed run-laden tribute, all we really needed was a voice.

Clear as crystal. Pure as spring sunshine. Fresh as newly laid linen sheets.

Thank you, Adele.


Anonymous Jo Mama said...

Yep - think I'm gonna love her - hope she can keep the voice and stay away from all the horrors of fame, including drugs, alcohol and tabloids.

8:06 AM  

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