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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanks, Food Network Addict!

After my [first] birthday post, I decided to check my second favorite blog, Food Network Addict. What an idiot I am for not checking in with him everyday, because on Wednesday he posted that Jamie Oliver is coming back to FN! Saints and Pauler be praised!! Oh, I CANNOT wait!!! FNA reports that Jamie at Home will start airing on January 12 at 9:30/8:30 a.m. Looks like there will be something worth getting up for on the weekends (well, besides church obviously).

You can get info about his book, Jamie at Home, if you click the link. His website is also an amazing resource and guide to all things Jamie. I actually use one of his DVD's, Jamie's School Dinners, to teach my 6th graders about the importance of a healthy diet. I must confess, though, I am a little nervous that the show isn't listed on FN's website yet. ??? Hope this isn't a fluke, but then again FNA has never led us wrong when it comes to FN late breaking news. Thanks, Jacob!

P.S. Is there enough links in this post? I don't know...Maybe one more. But where will it lead? That is the question.


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