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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Suck On That, Scarlet & Gray!

Unranked Illini beat #1 Ohio State today, 28-21. What! What! Illini Nation represent! Our quarterback, Juice Williams, threw FOUR TD passes, and the color commentators rejoiced at his performance. (Quote: "It's not Juice on the rocks today; it's Juice straight up!") They also always love when Illini pull out a huge victory against a team we had no chance of beating. (And quote again: "Looks like Champaign will be popping a lot of champagne corks tonight!"--oh, how that one never grows old.) It was a fine day, and the sad faces on that OSU crowd was so lovely. First victory over a #1 since 1956, and Champaign Central alum, J Leman, represented. Go Illini!!!


Blogger jacob said...

But the greatest tragedy of all is the fact that the Chief, and all of his authentic brothers and sisters of the Illini nation, were not present today to enjoy the win. When will those politically correct zealots ever get a grip?!?

6:20 PM  

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