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Saturday, November 17, 2007

What is it About Birfdays???

I'm about to be 28, but there's still something about my birthday that makes me act like a kid again. I've been counting down since November 1, and everyday I get closer to pressies I smile just a little bit bigger. I love cake, I love people singing to me, I love having my family around, and okay, okay: I love getting gifts! I sincerely think the longer I teach the more I act like a kid. I already had a major tendency to act childish (thanks to the Peter Pan syndrome my mom instilled in me--thanks, mom!), so add this to the fact that I spend my days with 11 and 12 year olds, and I'm lucky I can still dress myself in the mornings.

Anyhoo...Monday's my birthday, but because I couldn't wait I'm having a party tomorrow...but thanks to Amazon, some people won't have presents to give me. I guess that just means my birthday will be drawn out longer...YES!!! (Did I use enough ellipses in that sentence?) And, can I just say that even though Amazon isn't doing a stellar job with shipping (and this even a whole month before Christmas) they made making my birthday list really fun? This is the first time I've made an Amazon wish list, and it's awesome! I just keep adding and adding and adding. My fam probably thinks I'm a really selfish soon to be 28 year old, but it also helps me remember what to buy if I ever have a few spare bucks.


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