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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Conversation

Movie Exec #1: That BingBongBoom! girl is amazing! She always writes about movies.
Movie Exec #2: Hmm...I know. She's quite witty, too. I wish we could get her to come see one of her movies.
Tommy the Page: Um, pardon me, sirs. I might know how to get her to come to a movie.
M.E. #1: Tommy, don't be silly. You're just a page. Go watch "30 Rock" some more and dream about being Jack.
Tommy: Well, I do enjoy Jack, but I also read her blog religiously. M.E. #2: Fine, Tommy. We'll humor you. What do you think we should do?
Tommy: {Broad grin.} She always talks about Will Ferrell. And, last Christmas she did multiple blogs on that singular holiday. She also loves broad comedies, y'know, "SuperBad," "Wedding Crashers," "Talladega Nights."
M.E. #1: TOMMY! WAIT! Did you say she loved "Wedding Crashers?"
Tommy: Yes, sir! And I think you see where I'm going with this...
M.E. #2: We sure do, Tommy! A Christmas movie...
M.E. #1: ...Starring Vince Vaughn!
Tommy: Eureka, sirs! You got it!
M.E. #1: Great work, Tommy. Now if we could get our lattes...
Tommy: One last thing. It might also be prudent to release it around her birthday. That's right before Christmas, she could blog about it lots, and also see it several times before the holiday...thus giving you more money.
M.E. #2: You ARE brilliant, Tommy.


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