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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Love Affair with Target

It started as a child. My mom would take me to Target. It was inconsequential at first: just an errand. Then I started to notice the records. Big, beautiful albums, with gorgeous art. I'm talking a 12" vinyl of Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze splayed across the front. How could I not love it? Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson, New Kids on the Block...they were all there. Then the albums became small, clickety-clackety cassettes: Janet Jackson, the soundtrack to Mo Money, still more New Kids. Finally, the bright, shiny CD's, with their HUGE cardboard cases, which enclosed an extremely hard plastic case, which had the CD inside: SWV, Jade, Pearl Jam's Vs., and still more NKOTB (cause that's what they were by then).

And, the clothes. Oh the Target clothes. Divine. The magazines...always 10% off. The most excellent school supplies ever. Need some Lisa Frank? Go to la Target. I remember asking my grandmother to take me to Target for school supplies, even though secretly, deep down inside, I knew she could get them for me cheaper somewhere else. (I still feel badly about that.)

Recently, however, I have a new obsession at Target: SNACKS. Their Archer Farms line is out of this world. The best parmesan garlic kettle baked crisps ever, and an even better frozen chocolate molten lava cake. I have recently been going to the small Target cafe for lunch. For reals. The chicken caesar salad is AWESOME! Way better than Panera's. They also have delicious sandwiches: the ham & swiss on ciabatta is grrreat. Finally...the best part...wait for it...PEPSI. Fountain Pepsi. But, here's the deal: you can still eat there with your Coke friends, cause they got BOTH on tap. Now, how is that for diversity?

Oh, Target. Always going above and beyond. Thank you. I'll really be in trouble if my Target ever gets the Starbucks in store, though. Just add 30 pounds to my hips and take hundreds outta my wallet. I actually hope this doesn't happen.


Anonymous Jo Mama said...

Target is my fault? I used to like it more - when it was on Mattis and a humble little store where we could drop in easily. That being said, am glad Tar-jay still does it for you!

8:39 AM  

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