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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Golden Age Trifecta

This Christmas, I received a great Hollywood gift pack: biographies of Hollywood greats, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart. My aunt, Becky, and my grandparents, Mimi and Ted, supplied me with this great reading material for the New Year.

I'm so excited to read all three! These are my three favorite Hollywood actors of the golden era of moving pictures. There is just something so sublime and delicious about them. I've been enamoured of them since I was a young girl, and these books will tell me more than I ever needed to know about them. I'm almost 100 pages into the Cary Grant bio, by Marc Eliot, and Ted assured me it was a juicy book (the sales clerk at Borders told him so). It has proven to be so far, telling of the Hollywood dames who dragged his name through the mud because he wouldn't bed them. So what? If he didn't wanna, he didn't wanna. (I never thought Marlene Dietrich was that beautiful anyway.)

I'll leave links below, so you can check these books out for yourself if you're big into them like me...or if you're just curious. I'll also leave a few--JUST A FEW--links to some of my favorite movies of these Hollywood icons. Oh, and coming tomorrow: My Top 10 Christmas Gifts Ever. I know you can't wait!

Cary Grant:
Cary Grant, by Marc Eliot
North by Northwest (cuh-lassic)
The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer (screwball comedy with another favorite, Myrna Loy, and Miss Shirley Temple)
Suspicion (underrated and rarely mentioned)

James Stewart:
Jimmy Stewart, by Marc Eliot
It's a Wonderful Life (had to)
Vertigo (a little old for Kim Novak but still thrilling)
Rear Window (Grace Kelly=perfect match for Mr. Stewart)
*I'll confess right now that I haven't seen but bits and pieces of his classic westerns.

Katharine Hepburn:
Kate: The Woman Who was Hepburn, by William J. Mann
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (I get teary when she gets teary looking at ole Spence in his last role; also won her an Oscar)
Bringing Up Baby (looking fabulous and pursuing Cary; just what he wanted in his roles [the bio told me so])
Lion in Winter (her biting tongue makes this one Mr. Bill's favorite)

And the Trifecta Classic: The Philadelphia Story


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