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Monday, December 18, 2006

2 Days to Go

Two school days left, and I'm very anxious, excited, and ret to go (that's my brother's speak). Today went very well, what with the district test I had the pleasure of administering. (And the pleasure I have of grading a test I didn't even write...priceless.) I then had the honor of giving 16 oz. of my blood to the American Red Cross for the first time...great idea until the wooziness hit. Oh, great googly moogly! I've never been so light headed and out of it in my life (whilst sober that is). I had the lovely Wendy helping me, and she informed me, after I told her all I had to eat that day was half a bag of chili cheese Fritos and a Lean Cuisine panini, that I needed to run straight to Hardee's and have a double thickburger. I couldn't stomach that, so I came straight home and turned to RayRay.

That 365 Days: No Repeats is GLORIOUS. My good friend, A.J., got it for me for my birthday, and Ray's Thick and Hearty Thighs got me through my post blood-giving woozes. They are so simple (thighs, EVOO, garlic, onion, & thyme), yet so YUM-O. ;) We made some skin-on scalloped potatoes to go with (okay, you got me: they were Betty Crocker boxed, but so delectable). It all hit the spot; I ate like a PIG, in fact. Thank you R-squared and Betty Crocks. Nothing wrong with mixing convenience with homemade simplicity.


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