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Monday, November 27, 2006

What the Shizzle?

Boy are these getting few and far between! What's up with me? I'm still here...if anyone cares. School has been running be RAGGED! What is all this work about being a teacher anyway? It's been insane, I'm losing my cool, and I almost yelled today. Bad teacher! I hope my kiddies can be better for me tomorrow. (Actually, it was only one bad class, but boy were they nasty!)

Happy belated Turkey Day. I did fall into a Carb Coma. It was delectable. I made Ina's gruyere/white cheddar mac and cheese, Paula's extra chewy, fudgy brownies, and Mimi's spaghetti salad. I had tons of fun eating. :) I started buying a few holiday gifts on the
online. And, I made it one more year without setting foot into a single mega-store on Black Friday. (I did go to C-U's downtown scene to a couple of shops, but I don't count that.)

I'll try to be more faithful to my faithfuls (readers, that is). A few things to consider before I go:

  1. For Your Consideration was meh (as my brother would say)
  2. Daniel Craig is a great Bond, but the story line of Casino Royale can be seen everyday on ESPN or ESPN2, thanks to the World Championship of Poker.
  3. Bill Henrickson (right) of Henrickson's Home Plus is my newest Homie. Who ever said all polygamists are bad??? (More on him later. I know you can't wait!)
  4. Superman Returns comes out tomorrow. Big :).


Anonymous jacob said...

yay! glad you are back. i still need to make it to the post office. sorrrrrrryyyyyyy. not open long enough.

glad you enjoyed your thanksgiving feast. perhaps you could make this special ina mac for your new years party? or at least while i'm at home for xmas.

also glad you boycotted the stores on Friday. i went out of boredom and only bought things for myself.

11:15 AM  

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